Friday, October 24, 2008

Shas - Rabbinical courts for Civil Disputes too

Haaretz wrote:
Prime Minister-designate Tzipi Livni has reportedly said she would discuss a demand from Shas to extend the rabbinical courts' jurisdiction to civil disputes between couples to try to persuade the ultra-Orthodox party to join the coalition. Consequently, Shas reported some progress in the coalition negotiations on Thursday.

Livni set an ultimatum on Thursday, giving her potential coalition partners three days to join a new government under her leadership or face the prospect of new elections.

Shas had previously demanded expanding the rabbinical courts' jurisdiction during 2006 coalition negotiation with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. However Olmert, Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann and Social Affairs Minister Isaac Herzog objected to this demand, which they said would infringe on the secular public's rights and undermine the status quo.

If Shas' demand is met, Livni may have to face opposition from within the Labor Party and strain the already tense relations with Friedmann.

As far as Shas is concerned, the move is a coup - bolstering the rabbinical courts that would be able to rule on property issues between couples, among other things.

Shas has recently raised this demand in talks with Livni, arguing that an agreement on this issue had already been reached and must be kept.

Livni also agreed to revoke the reduction in the yeshiva budget, estimated at NIS 400 million, for 2009. However, Shas is still dissatisfied with Livni's offer regarding child allowances. Shas is demanding NIS 1 billion while Livni is willing to give NIS 600 million in the 2009 budget and give Shas NIS 350 million for sectorial needs detailed in the coalition agreement.

Shas' spiritual mentor, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, is now expected to decide whether the party can join the coalition.

Livni, who under law has until Nov. 3 to put together a parliamentary majority, informed President Shimon Peres of her decision.

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