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Obama - Close relationship to ex PLO member

L.A. Times sits on video of Obama toasting radical Jew-basher

By Michelle Malkin • October 25, 2008 11:14 PM

Jim Hoft has the story on the damning video of Barack Obama that the L.A. Times refuses to release.

Writes Jim: “It’s hard to imagine that the LA Times would hold on to a video of Sarah Palin praising an anti-Semitic radical and former PLOoperative…”

Exactly. Guess the reporter doesn’t want to open himself up to the Joe the Plumber treatment.


  1. This is not a shock. The media has decided Obama must win the election. Therefore nothing positive will be broadcasted about McCain and nothing negative will be broadcasted about Obama.
    The fact that Republicans ever win elections is a testament to how much influence the media doesn't have in America.

  2. Khalidi has written that the establishment of the state of Israel resulting in "the uprooting of the world's oldest and most secure Jewish communities, which had found in the Arab lands a tolerance that, albeit imperfect, was nonexistent in the often genocidal, Jew-hating Christian West."

    As an Arab Jew whose family lived in Syria, Morocco, Algeria and Turkey for hundreds of year, I agree with a great deal of what Prof. Khalidi writes.

    Prof. Khalidi is also a contributor to one of the Sephardic journal I subscribe to, so obviously others share this opinion.

    Zionism is not Judaism It is a Christian Eschatological theology that is contrary to the Torah.

    Those who are anti Zionist are not anti Semitic, in fact, to the contrary.

    I am not saying Jews should support Israel's enemies, but anyone who criticizes the State of Israel or Zionism is not anti Semitic.

    American Jews should vote for whomever they feel will do the best job for the country in which they live.

    We pray for the well being of the nations in which we reside.

    Right now, the US is on the verge of a Great Depression which certainly would not be good for the 5 million Jews who live in America nor would it help the Jews who live in Israel who rely upon a strong US economy.

  3. Question for Jersey girl who says: "As an Arab Jew whose family lived in Syria, Morocco, Algeria and Turkey for hundreds of year, I agree with a great deal of what Prof. Khalidi writes." So do you then, as does Khalidi support the PLO and its aims? If so, how are you and your views different to Neturei Karta? Please explain in detail, if possible, people will hear you out.

    Noone is questioning calm intellectual discussions and you and Khalidi are entitled to have your opinions and views and express them in a civil manner as are those who disagree with you. But, and it is a big but, if you then make the next step or jump as Khalidi obviously did by joining the PLO not just to promote terrorism that kills Israelis who are Jews and religious Jews who are often anti-Zionists in Jerusalem (often weak and unarmed civilians both Ashenazi and Sefardi), but would you like Khalid speak of and partake with pride in it in and then defend and justify it as Khalidi has done his whole life, would you do that?

    Would you take up arms against your own people? unlike the Israeli Arabs who are citizens but do not undertake the terrorism and warfare like the PLO did and Hamas and others still do? Oh, and would you denigarte and even deny the Holocaust, and it's not just Ahmednutjob in Iran who is notorious for this but PLO ledaer Abbas's thesis was also about Holocaust denial.

    Since you hate Israel so much, would you help Hamas smuggle arms into the Gaza Strip and help build mortars and qasam rockets and lob them at Israel cities like Sderot and smile with glee as you watch Israelis run for cover? Would you hand out candies to your kids like many Arabs do when they hear on the news or TV that a suicide bomber has killed Israelis sitting in some cafe or riding on a bus minding their own business? (They like killing women and children on side roads too, like that lady Tali hatcheul who was shot with her three daughters. Would you suppoort that by saying that the Zionists had no right to be in Gaza making the desert bloom and feeding more surrounding Arabs than Jews because you have your cockamamy theory about how Zionism is a great big Christian plot when noone agrees with you (and spare us those quotes from what preachers say in books, because they say lots of crazy things that have no bearing on anything.)

    Sure, you can be a Jewish anti-Zionist, that is legitimate and it's honest if you can defend it and believe it sincerely in a non-violent way, but to defend Khalid and his ilk like Obama the Evil obviously is going a step too far, deep into the Dark Side, don't you think?

  4. "If so, how are you and your views different to Neturei Karta?"

    Jews must support the Jewish PEOPLE worldwide. Most of my tzedaka money goes to a Rabbi in Israel who runs a soup kitchen for hungry Jewish families, victims of Zionism who suffer abject poverty because they are living in an apartheid State that vilifies all Arabs, even if they are Jewish Arabs.

    My views on Israel are not very different from those of Satmar and other non Lubavitch Chasidim and most of the Mizrahi Jews I know feel the same way.

    Like every religious Jew in history I love Eretz Yisrael and my people, "Israel".

    The Christian Zionist movement and its resultant anti Torah State have all but destroyed the Jewish people and Torah true Judaism.

    It blows my mind that any Jew will support a candidate who states (9/30/07

    "that the Constitution established the United States as a Christian nation."

    Or a VP candidate who attends a Church whose guest Pastor, David Brickner, spoke while Palin was in attendance saying:

    "terrorist attacks on Israelis as God's "judgment of unbelief" of Jews who haven't embraced Christianity."

    This is the viewpoint embraced by ALL Evangelical Christians who are anything BUT friends of the Jewish people.

    John Hagee, John McCain's pastor said that "Hitler was fulfilling G-d's Will" when he preached: "'And they the hunters should hunt them,' that will be the Jews. 'From every mountain and from every hill and from out of the holes of the rocks.' If that doesn't describe what Hitler did in the holocaust you can't see that."

    "Then god sent a hunter. A hunter is someone with a gun and he forces you. Hitler was a hunter. And the Bible says -- Jeremiah writing -- 'They shall hunt them from every mountain and from every hill and from the holes of the rocks,' meaning there's no place to hide. And that might be offensive to some people but don't let your heart be offended. I didn't write it, Jeremiah wrote it. It was the truth and it is the truth. How did it happen? Because God allowed it to happen. Why did it happen? Because God said my top priority for the Jewish people is to get them to come back to the land of Israel."

    Twenty-five years ago, I was part of a suit against Rutgers University (which we won) because I (and other Jews) were forced to sit through a number of lectures in which the professor explained repeatedly that "Hitler was fulfilling G-d's will in exterminating Jews".

    Twenty five years ago, this viewpoint was considered Anti Semitism so emotionally damaging that the Professor was fired and the University compensated for our distress.

    Today, this very same viewpoint represents that of the Presidential candidate many American Jews believe is "Israel's best friend".

    With friends like John McCain and Sarah Palin, who needs enemies?

    In the 1930's European Jews did not listen carefully to the words of Adolf Hitler when he publicized his plans for the Jews of Europe. Hitler was supported by hundreds of thousands of Jews including the Zionist government in Palestine.

    The repetition of history is chilling.

  5. Based on the high level of repetition in her posts, I am beginning to suspect Jersey Girl is actually a computer with a limited, albeit large, number of preset paragraphs programmed to post on this blog at random. Because frankly, it's either about how Israel ruined things for the incredibly wonderfully prosperous Jewish communities of the Arab world, or how Chrisian effects to convert Jews are the real sources of trouble in the world.

  6. To Jersey girl: There is no such thing really as "Jewish Arabs" and you know it! The term has gained some fashionable traction in some odd circles because of the desire to show some political correctness by some people with unclear agendas but it is a total hoax asside from its definite lack of basis in fact, logic, reality and truth.

    Think carefully now, when ever did Arabs EVER refer to the Jews in their midst as "Arabs"??? About never! The Jews in Arab lands were the "Yahoods" or "Il yahoods" and they were right because everyone with an unbiased brain in his/her skull knows that the very definition of a Jew and the word "Jew" is that it denotes BOTH a member of the Jewish religion ANF someone who is ETHNICALLY Jewish.

    Unlike being Christian or Muslim, to be Jewish means to be part of both a religion and a member of an ethnic group, both termed as "Jew" or "Jewish" (and true converts to Judaism get the privilege of being admitted to the Jewish people under the Wings of the Shechina to prove that Judaism, while being an ethnicity is NOT "racist" ch"v and will allow someone who is not ethnically Jewish by birth to join the Jewish people, but that is an unusual facet and over-ride), otherwise the truth, reality, and fact remains that to be a Jew is an ethnicity, some even call it a race or a nation as well that is 100% distinct from the Arabs who are a conglomorate of people united by their own religion of Islam and the language of Arabic. Indeed that is why the term "Sefardic" Jew has always been used and not "Arab JEw" because the term "Sefardic Jew" does not tamper with the ethnicity of the word Jew while the term "Arab Jew" attempts to create the false impression that Arabs and Jews share the same ethnicity in some way, which they do not, just ask any historian of Arabs who knows that Jews in Arab lands were dhimmis (see and and most certainly not "Arabs. The status of "dhimmi" allowed the Jews in Muslsim and Arab lands to live there and practice their religion of judaism on the sufference of the Islamic and Arabd rulers.

    If the the "Arab Jews" were truly Arabs they would never have been subjected to second-class citizen status in ALL Arab societies because they were simply following another "Arab" religion which they were not because by choosing to remain Jews they asserted both their separate and unique ethnic pride AND ethnic difference from the surrounding Arab culture and people. You are romanticizing a lost dream that never existed in the first place.

    One may talk of the Jewish in Arab countries or even the JEws who used to live in Arabia and even in Saudi Arabia, see and 9and yes, Wikipedia does have an article about "Arab Jews" at but the article admits that it is VERY controversial and there is a request that the article be moved to since: "Musta'arabi Jews (Arabic, "Arabized") are a group of Arabic-speaking Jews who lived in the Middle Eastern lands prior to the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492. Following the expulsion, Spanish-Jewish exiles moved into the Middle East and settled amongst their Arabic-speaking, or Judaeo-Arabic-speaking, co-religionists."

    The important thing to note here is that the scholars themselves are in hot dispute with each other and that therefore it is incorrect to invoke terminologly like "Arab Jews" even if it's you're talking about about yoursel and it has mostly sentimental and ideological meaning to you and the world of your personal thoughts and philopsophies, when the term is academically very fuzzy, controversial and in all probabality ethnically, racially, historically, logically, factually, realistically and truthfully NOT accurate!

    So please do not insult both Jews and Arabs, and certainly do not insult the intelligence of the readers here by trying to pull the wool over people's eyes with fake labels and by intoning for the umpteenth time yet again your own personal life and set of experiences because that is not the way to present or argue points.

  7. JERSY GIRL, what are you saying???
    which had found in the Arab lands a tolerance that, albeit imperfect,******** wish that my great grandfather who was murdered in cold blood by his next-door ARAB neighbor in IRAQ would have found tolerance as a Jew in an Arab country.
    Who are the poor, "Arab Jews" victims of zionism that are supported by your rabbi in Israel? Do they live in Shuafut, Jenin or Kalkilya?

  8. Jersey girl: The Jews haven't done too badly in America since 1776 when they even helped to found it as did Haym Solomon the Sefardic Jew who was the banker of the Revolution and George Washington's friend.

    And yes America always has been a country dominated by Protestant Christians (duh!), and they in turn viewed the Jews in a positive light (you bet!). The Jews have ALWAYS gotten a better deal than they ever got in mostly Catholic Europe or in any Muslim lands!

    Your comparison of some American preachers and their results to the rise of Hitler is wrong on many grounds. You are seeing something, nut it is not Hitler, it is MUHAMED reincarnated a billion times with his/their sword/s drawn shouting "allah aqbar & Jihad" and forcing all to convert to Islam (which means "SUBMISSION") or face decapitation, a choice the "holy warriors" of Islam did not even give Daniel Perl a"h or the nearly 3,000 people who died horribly inside the Twin Towers on 9/11 in NYC or to all those people on buses and cafes in Jerusalme and Tel Aviv and all over Israel who were blown to smithereens by Islamaic "holy" Jihadi people. And these are the people you want to be with? Puzzling!

    There was once a Hitler brown-shirt movement in the USA in the 1930s and its rallies and speeches looked a lot more like Obama rallies with its marches, symbols, wild crowds yelling at nothinbg really just mesmerised by the Stendahl complex-like inducing trappings and blind rhetoric.

    Only then in the 1930s American Jews had the guts to break up those meetings and even crack the skulls of American Nazis with baseball bats unlike today when the likes of Barbra Streisand and Steven Spielberg figuratively prostitute themselves and fawn over Barack Hussein Obama and his crowd, as they literally kiss him and sing for him and give him their millions and their entertianment G rating when the guy deserves a XXX and worse, not to mention David Axelrod who is the brains behind Obama HaRasha's every political move to gain power.

    Even with all the efforts of the KKK at its peak between the two world wars, the USA over-all remained a nation friendly to Jews.

    All Jews enjoy full freedoms.

    The frum call it a malchus shel chesed unlike ever seen in history. Do you think that an America run by African Americans under an Obama regime would extend the same attitudes and policies to Jews, Israel, and Judaism as Jews enjoyed before?

    If you need some current reminders take a look at what has happened to the once flourishing Jewish communities in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa. Zimbabwe's economy is in tatters from its Marxist rule under the hateful Mugabe yimach shemo who took a rich country that did not even have apartheid laws and turned it from a flourishing food basket that fed all its people and many others and turned it into a literal impoversihed basket case with 1000+% inflation and a worthless currency. Shame on him and his policies and Obama would be NO different!!! Same for South Africa that has seen half its Jews leave and the rise of Mandella only made it worse as the country sinks into the worst crime waves in its history (they used to call it terrorism, but it's not politically correct to call it that anymore, oh well) and into the direst poverty and unemployement as the Marxist ANC runs the country into the ground with corruption and mismanagement, which would happen to America under an Obam regime, chas vesholom.

    You ain't seem nothing yet because the Obamaniacs have not played out all their moves, were they chas vesholom to get somewher with their plans.

    Bolshevists are tricky people. They are revolutionaries for "change" -- but to what? Before the Bolshevic Revolution in Russia there was first the election of the democratic Kerensky government that went down very quickly by the plotting of the Bolsheviks. And if you prefer commies to regular American Protestants I feel very sorry for you. Get your passport ready and hope you have relatives in Israel and time enough to get there when reality finally sets in for you.

    But what will be with an America whose leader takes his political guidance and cues from HIS pastor Wright (who is wrong) and the Weathermen hate-America-first crowd and its chief Ayers, and their ilk? Will it become a better place for people and for business? Never mind his Muslim buddies like Khalidi, do you trust Obama's Christian pastor of 20 years+ who said that America deserved to be damned and that 9/11 was America's "chickens coming home to roost"? Would you be happy with Rev Wright as your spokesman on peace missions?, after all he will hate Zionists to your liking and maybe he will bring along his best friend Farrakhan who will state yet again that Judaism is "a gutter religion" as he has in the past, will you like that? And throw in that Ayers and Michelle Obama will become advocates for human and civil rights of poor Palestinians who Obama has said "noone has suffred as much" as they have and you have quite a dreadful rogues gallery with their deadful ideolifgical brew of hate and poison.

    The US constitution gaurantees freedom OF religion, which some mistakenly think it must mean freedom "from" religion. The founding fathers of the USA set up a secular political systm but it was based on the Bible (not the New Testamant part by the way) they believed in and Jews have fared well in the land.

    Sure it is not perfect and preachers get to say what they want, another perk of the US constitution that is exploited not just by those who make crazy interprtations about Hitler and God's will but by the likes of Farrakhan and Malcolm X who said things that are a lot scarier about the evils of the White man and the Jews.

    So are you ready to join Obama the atheist and ANARCHIST AT HEART and perhaps in deed as well, like his mother who hated all things American and to spite America married not one but TWO Muslim men and it is reported that she was a Muslim convert for most of her life as well as devoting her life to working in Muslim lands like Indonesia.

    Obama HaRasha was raised and educated as a Muslim boy in Indonesia, with both his Kenyan father and Indonesian step-father being Muslims, and now wants to take over an America, enabled by all sorts of media, entertainment, leftists, ideologies with agendas, and rag tag elements, that noone knows what will be in store for the Jews and for Israel, or is it not better to stick with the "devil you know"?

    By the way, this whole business with Obama has gone beyond the normal in America.

    By now his rallies and the whole way he has been packaged and sold and celebrated by the Hollywood crowd and the media as a celebrity and a "messiah" makes the whole thing look like an exercise in mass hypnosis and the dawn of politically correct totalitarianism in the USA on a scale that defies comprehension.

    So don't make it sound like Obamania is something normal and respectable and welcoming that should be embraced when it is far, far from that in any way, shape size or form!

    Yom HaDin for America is only week week away from today.


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