Tuesday, June 2, 2020

'I can't breathe:' Death of unarmed black man George Floyd leads to firing of white police officers


  1. I am not excusing the circumstances surrounding Mr. Floyd's justified arrest which seem, according two coroners, to have contributed to his death.

    I will note, however, that a man with a history of violence met a violent end.

  2. Horrible that a uniformed police murdered George Floyd during an arrest. Mendel Epstein et al cannot justify neither the arrest nor the violence to the recalcitrant husbands. Arrest = seize (someone) by legal authority and take into custody.
    "the police arrested him for possession of marijuana”

    Mendel Epstein cites the Rambam that allows beating a recalcitrant husband to agree to a get. Surely in the Rambam’s case the wife hauled him into court for mezonot, as is her right. She does not have a right to haul him into court for not agreeing to divorce her. Surely the Rambam is careful to follow “A passerby who gets embroiled in someone else’s quarrel Is like one who seizes a dog by its ears.” (Proverbs 26:17).
    Rabbi Mendel Epstein and Rabbi Schecter and ORA supporters have to make clear to angry wives that a wife has a clear case when their husband does not pay mezonot. unless the recalcitrant husband brings evidence of the angry wife’s immense wealth. I showed the Jerusalem Rabbinic court and to the NYS secular court brokerage statements showing $2,000,000 in the names of our six children with Susan as custodian in 1990. That money came from Susan’s salary checks and money from her father she deposited.
    The Tamar and her husband Aaron Freidman case is one where Tamar does court shopping as is their right, to find which court suits her the best. Women (such as Tamar) have no right to hire a thug (such as Rabbi Mendel Epstein) to do violence to her husband. I apply to Rabbi Mendel Epstein: “See how happy is the man whom God reproves; Do not reject the discipline of the Almighty. He injures, but He binds up; He wounds, but His hands heal.” (Job 5:17-18).

  3. See
    “Black Lives Matter

    If one deviates a bit toward some movements, which have a target not related to Jews or Israel, one may find similar phenomena. One of the clearest examples is the American Black Lives Matter movement. This organization aims to rectify the wrongs perpetrated against African American citizens in the past and present. Its 40,000 word manifesto accuses Israel of perpetrating genocide against Palestinians, labels Israel as an ‘apartheid state’ and joined with the BDS movement in calling for the total academic, cultural and economic boycott of the country. No such demands were made for any other state.
    What more does one need to see how antisemitism is entrenched in Western societies?”

    Daf Hayomi today
    Shabbath 89a:
    “R. Joshua b. Levi also said: When Moses descended from before the Holy One, blessed be He. Satan came and asked Him, Sovereign of the Universe! Where is the Torah? I have given it to the earth, answered He to him. He [Satan] went to the earth and said to her, Where is the Torah? “God understands the way to it; He knows its source;” (Job 28:23). She [earth] replied. He went to the sea and it told him, It is not with me. He went to the deep and it said to him, It is not in me, for it is said. “The deep says, It is not in me; The sea says, I do not have it. Abaddon and Death say, We have only a report of it.” (Job 28:14,22). He [Satan] went back and declared before Him, Sovereign of the Universe! I have searched throughout all the earth but have not found it! Go thee to the son of Amram. answered He. [So] he went to Moses and asked him, Where is the Torah which the Holy One, blessed be He, gave unto thee? Who am I then, he retorted, that the Holy One, blessed be He, should give me the Torah? Said the Holy One, blessed be He, to Moses, Moses, art thou a liar! Sovereign of the Universe! He [Moses] replied, Thou hast a stored-up treasure in which Thou takest delight every day: shall I keep the benefit for myself? [surely it was not given to me alone!] Said the Holy One, blessed be He, to Moses, Moses, since thou hast [humbly] disparaged thyself, it shall be called by thy name, as it is said, “Be mindful of the Teaching תורת of My servant Moses, whom I charged at Horeb with laws and rules for all Israel.” (Malachi 3:22)."


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