Sunday, July 12, 2015

Incredible! Judge sentences 3 children to juvenile detention center for refusing to talk to their estranged father

 update:  JPost   3 children released from detention and sent to camp for the summer

July 10  - A Michigan judge released three Israeli siblings from juvenile detention on Friday two weeks after she sent them there for defying her order that they have lunch with their father when he was visiting from Israel, ABC affiliate WXYZ reported.

At an emergency hearing, Judge Lisa Gorcyca said the children - whose parents have been involved in a custody battle for more than four years - could leave detention and attend a camp for the rest of the summer.

"The court agrees with the children's guardian's recommendation as to the best interests of the children," Gorcyca said this afternoon, reported the Detroit Free Press. "The court finds that is in the children's best interests to grant the father's and the guardian ad litem's motion to allow the children to attend summer camp. Children's Village is to facilitate the transportation."[///]

MY Fox Detroit

Three children are in an Oakland County detention center after refusing a court-ordered lunch with their father. 

Protests formed outside the Oakland County courthouse Wednesday after Bloomfield Hills students, parents and teachers learned the Tsimhoni children were sentenced to Children's Village until their 18th birthdays for not wanting to spend time with their dad.

On Tuesday FOX 2 first showed court transcripts which describe exactly how family court Judge Lisa Gorcyca handled a hearing which was suppose to deal with supervised parenting time.

She berated the children, comparing them to Charles Manson and his cult. And claimed they were brainwashed. The judge made threats saying if they didn't apologize and go to lunch with dad they would live in separate cells where they would have to go to the bathroom in front of others.

When they refused to spend time with their father - Judge Lisa Gorcyca found the kids in civil contempt and had the kids locked up.

Larry Dubin, an attorney who has been a law professor at the University of Detroit Mercy for the last 40 years, was also stunned by Gorcyca's decision.

"To treat this like a case of contempt where she sends them away until they're willing to comply with court order seems harsh with respect to young children," Dubin said. "It certainly can raise all kinds of Constitutional issues." 

The judge sided with the father, who is in Israel right now

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