Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Feminists applaud Ami Magazines support of ORA and the feminist agenda against accepted halacha

AMI magazine recently devoted their cover story to the issue of Agnuna. Included was a gushing fluff interview with R. Jeremy Stern - the head of ORA.Views expressed directly or indirectly in the article were very supportive of ORA and the feminist agenda. There was not only no attempt to provide the full picture as to the halacha dealing with aguna and ORA conflicts with halacha - but ORA was presented in the best possible light. Rather surprising for a magazine which views itself as representing all Orthodox Jews.

I received the following from a well known dayan who requested that I post it. I could not find any evidence with a google search that this is a real organization - so I am assuming it is a spoof. The ideas however genuine

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