Friday, March 20, 2015

"Aguna" - What happens to celebrity media star liars when the truth comes out?

What happens when a young lady - who never experienced fame before or even was much noticed- becomes an international celebrity? Everywhere she goes - she is suddenly the center of attention. 

What happens when a young lady decides to  manufacturer some real whoppers - that her husband is a rapist, that he beats her, starves her and her children, that he sexual abused the children, that she was held a slave by his family and files a multi million dollar RICO suit against them? You get the picture.

What happens when a young lady is not only given serious attention by the news media - but she becomes a super star as the symbol of oppressed women everywhere - especially Orthodox Jewish ones?

What happens when the young lady not only gets attention and adulation - but also makes more money then she ever dreamed of by falsely proclaiming she is the victim of the most feared oppressor - the frum, Chareidi Jewish male?

What happens when this young lady starts manipulating the secular legal system to not only get big bucks, but to impoverish her husband, and get full custody of the kids - as well as to permanently ruin his reputation?

What happens when this young lady's lies extend beyond false allegations of rape and slavery - but she attacks the halachic system as unjust and is used by others as a battering ram against Shulchan Aruch? 

What happens when she creates a chilul hashem by falsely proclaiming her husband was an agent of the oppressive Jewish religion - that she has piously observed - despite the tortures it has caused her?

What happens when she is revealed as a liar by the rulings of the secular court that give custody to her husband because they don't believe what she is saying? What happens when the secular media slinks away to avoid the stench of her lies and doesn't return her calls anymore? What happens when her devoted followers realize they have been had? What happens when her children learn of the shameful attempt of their mother to destroy their father? How does a person who conducted a vicious campaign of slander and character assassination - live with herself - when people cross to the other side of the street to avoid her? How does a person do teshuva for such evil behavior?

These are interesting and important questions but they are not theoretical and the answer is coming soon.


  1. I was duped and gave money to her campaign. She's clearly a disturbed and manipulative woman. I hope her husband can return to a normal life and she gets the psychological help she needs. You were right from the beginning.

  2. Rivky is that u ? ;-) Some more questions: what happens when u make up a bogus bais-din which pronounces u an Aguna,and then u start collecting money under false claim from unsuspecting people around the world. What happens when DA starts to investigate u for fraud? What happens when the bogus beis-din puts ur husband in Herem,but then u cant get ur Get because the beis-din doesn't exist to take the Herem off. and u cant admit that beis-din was bogus because that will open u up to criminal charges of financial fraud,wire fraud,mail fraud which are all Federal & State Crimes? What happens when u decided to play fast and loose with halacha by hooking urself up with a bunch of criminals,but now u are part of a conspiracy and is stuck between a rock and a hard place?

  3. Interesting to note, that those same people that are into ORA, also advocate not to turn in molesters because of Messira. Both groups indicate Sadism, since they have this sadistic trait it could be they are trying to save their own behinds by being mispallel ba'ad chavero, hu ne'eneh tchila. Veaf al pi she'ein rayah ledovor yesh zecher/zaycher ledovor. The answer lies in the book written about a leader in the A..... org in the 50's. Having said that, we can then Drekmanize as in the following: Had we known that these so called rabbis chachomim leheira have sadistic tendencies, they would have never been accepted and hired as rabbis. Therefore, they are fired together with the peepers. Is it a wonder that people lost trust, and have no more emunas chachomim. Let this trial suck in all those that have pained klall yisroel, whether Hush Hushing victims, and bang banging innocent Husbands, lock'em all up and throw away the key! Vesholom al yisroel.

  4. Finally someone says the truth. The more you look into it, you see what these "agunot" are all about. After they abuse their husbands for years in civil court and destroy their lives, they shed those innocent tears that they are agunot.. It's about time you publicize the true side of the story

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