Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Epstein Torture Trial: Prosecutor plays videos of an arrogant Epstein declaring he is above the law

ABC     On grainy video, filmed from across a desk at his Lakewood home, a New Jersey rabbi told undercover FBI agents that his team of "tough guys" would jump Jewish husbands who wouldn't divorce their wives by throwing hoods over their heads and handcuffing them.

"He's going to be jumped, handcuffed and hooded," Rabbi Mendel Epstein is heard telling the agents posing as a brother and sister seeking a divorce from her unwilling husband. "That takes 30 to 60 seconds. For 80 percent of the guys, it's over right there."[...]

Meeting with the agents at his home Aug. 14, 2013, Epstein is heard telling them that his "tough guys" would be kidnapping the husband and "beating him up and torturing him and then getting him to give the (divorce)."

The Orthodox rabbi said it would cost about $60,000 to carry out the kidnapping, and said the crew would use an electric cattle prod and a "karate expert" to force the husband's hand.

"If (the cattle prod) can get a bull that weighs five tons to move, you put it in certain parts of his body and in one minute the guy will know," Epstein is heard saying.

Throughout the recordings, Epstein recalled previous kidnappings — one he claimed ended with the unwilling husband having a heart attack — and said the "tough guys" prefer not to leave a mark so the target doesn't go to the police. He told the agents they would need to purchase new phones to communicate with him and figure out alibis when the kidnapping occurs. He laughed about how he would keep police off his trail in Brooklyn, where he also lived.

"They couldn't try me in Brooklyn," he's heard telling the agents. "The whole jury would be women. They'd say 'Hang him (the husband). Kill him!'" [...]


  1. "They'd say 'Hang him (the husband). Kill him!'" - Even a gangster feminist rabbi like Epstein acknowledges the gross anti-male biases and kangaroo court justice in a feminist legal system. This proves the wisdom of the Torah in not allowing women to be judges or rabbis since their emotions override any considerations of justice or fairness.

    G-d willing, may this evil, arrogant tyrant and mafiosa Epstein, and all his cronies and stooges, be locked up for the rest of their lives.

  2. fedupwithcorruptrabbisFebruary 24, 2015 at 3:59 PM

    I just wish that a link between Epstein and ORA can be made so they too will be shut down for their anti-torah approach. Lets wait and see what else comes out at trial. I am also surprised that after seeing that Mendel Epstein who is the very same rabbi accepting the $60,000 convenes a Bais Din between himself, Wolmark, Goldstein that rules to kidnap this Non-existent husband, doesnt cause any Legitimate rabbi to publicly denounce all his Gittin procured in the past. His methodology was obviously flawed and corrupted.!

  3. According to the Rambam, only when all details have been processed ACCORDING to Halacha, kofin oso bealos, coercing him with pain until he trades in his will to give in, agreeing to give a Get. However, the RAMBAM does NOT allow kidnapping, threatening death till he trades in HIS LIFE. Duress under threat of DEATH cannot be interpreted as a WILLING participant in agreeing to give a get for SURVIVAL, kappish? According to everyone that is a classic example of an ONNES. Thereby, she remains an "eishes ish" even according to the Rambam. Mr. mendele, would you be kind enough to explain your Judge this shtikele pilpul, HUH? In any which case, tsochek tsochek ha'achron, whoever laughs last, has the best laugh. Ad mosay ata oseh yisrael baalei mumim? How many husbands have you made umglicklich? How many lebedige yesomim did you rob of their Father? How many MAMZERIM did you bring into this world? And for what? For essrim kessef, for a pair of shoes. Shame Shame on your parents who brought you into this world. You should be thrown into the Kaf haKela, and not find peace for an ETERNITY. And Oh' yes, one more thing before we go. Did you learn these ' Kol dealim gvar ' techniques from those while they used to clean their guns in front of you? And vehabrocho achas lecha, Avot yochlu boser, veshinei bonim tikheno, get it? Hint/'Huunt', maaseh ovos siman lebonim.

  4. ORA has already been featured in the Epstein trial. The FBI introduced documents indicating that the Uncercover Agents went through ORA and the BDA before getting in touch with Mr. Epstein and Wolmark.

  5. Without any sympathy to Epstein, where is the Rambam that you are quoting?

  6. Gerushin - Chapter One:

    A woman may be divorced only by receiving a bill [of divorce].1 This bill is called a get.
    The Torah establishes ten principles as fundamental [for a divorce to be effective]. They are:
    d) That it should utterly sever the connection between the husband and his wife;
    "A bill of divorce" - i.e., a deed that severs the relationship between [the husband and his wife], without leaving him any jurisdiction over her. If [the relationship] between them is not entirely severed, the divorce is not effective, as will be explained.


  7. Please forgive for not having sforim handy, you can find it also in Talmud masechet Gittin the mother of all sources, "vekosav la sefer krisus", that is - the Get is the FINAL instrument that is Kores, yes, after ALL matters have been settled. I am sure you can find it, osiyos machkimot, veidach zil ugmor.

  8. Thank you so much TruthSeeker. Kishmo ken tehilato. Yogato motsoso taamin!

  9. Don't forget to throw away the key!

  10. Mishenichnas Adar Marbin beSimcha

    They probably read the story of The Emperor has no clothes! The tailors were put to task at rofl sewing the most expensive fine non-existent silkcloth for the Emperor, so fine that no one was even able to see and all were praising how beautiful it is. Do you think these bufoons also charged 60 $mackaroons for the whole 9 yards? If the karate kicker kicked, whom did he kick? The Proder prodded with his prod, whom did he prod? if the hooded Hooder hooded with his hood, whom did he hood? if the smacker smacked, whom did he smack? If they couldn't force the invisible recalcitrant husband to authorize a Get, what are they charged with. It is because they were caught red handed HOLDING THE BAG, but didn't deliver the Goods.
    For being megaleh panim baTorah shelo kehalacha,
    Hahi dichtiv in the "Chad Gadyo" as the chain reaction.

    Veoso H'kbh' veshochat lemalach hamoves, deshochat 'leshuchat', deshochat lesoiro, deshoso lemayo, dekovo lenuro, desoraf leChutro (Prod), dehuko lekalbo, deno$hach (neshech)le$hunro, dezabin Abo (Prodfather) be$hu$him shush... zuzim, CHAD GADYO... CHAD GADYO. When you start to Shecht utilizing a prod that can move a 5 Ton Red Bull, you end up in the Chad gadyo together with the whole kipka & boodle. Wait, as time passes by, it is getting even better.

  11. i am almost sure this piece of gabage will be
    convicted. This is not about religion.
    it was all about money.


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