Monday, September 16, 2013

Reporting on mayoral primaries distorts Jewish tradition

NY Times   While the Democratic field remained unsettled, Mr. Lhota was moving on Thursday to reach out to potential supporters. In the morning, he visited the Queens burial site of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, who was the revered leader of Lubavitch Hasidim. 

Flanked by rabbis, one of whom addressed him as “Mr. Mayor,” Mr. Lhota asked for, and received, a gift of honey cake, following a Jewish tradition associated with the Lubavitcher rebbe, as Rabbi Schneerson was known. 

Mr. Lhota, wearing a black skullcap, brought a note to the rebbe’s grave site, tore it and cast it onto a pile of other torn notes, in accordance with another Jewish custom. 

Asked whether his note was about the election, he said only, “It’s all about the future of New York City.” 


  1. "Reporting... distorts Jewish tradition"

    Welcome to the world of the New York Times.

    And the mainstream media.

  2. relevant fact -- mr lhota claims his mother's parents were both jewish, but raised catholic. he's pretty proud of that fact, but also proud of his catholocism. (and he knows enough to couch it in terms of his mother's parents.)


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