Friday, September 21, 2012

Benny Morris:Palestinians reject 2 states

Haaretz   After 30 years, he’s giving up. “This is the last book I will write about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” declares historian Benny Morris, sitting on the balcony of his home, overlooking distant lush hilltops covered with cypresses and pines. A pioneer in researching the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and one of the most prominent Israeli historians of his generation, he has had his fill of the exhausting and bloody cycle that he has documented for the past three decades. “The decades of studying the conflict, which led to nine books, left me with a feeling of deep despair. I’ve done all I can,” he says. “I’ve written enough about a conflict that has no solution, mainly due to the Palestinians’ consistent rejection of a solution of two states for two peoples.” [...]

“It’s true there’s a difference between the extremists, who say directly that they want to wipe out the State of Israel, and the secular nationalists, who outwardly say they’re ready for a compromise accord. But actually, both of them, if you read their words very carefully, want all of Palestine. The secular leaders − if you can call them that − like Yasser Arafat and President Mahmoud Abbas, are not prepared to accept a formula of two states for two peoples. So as not to scare the goyim, they project a vagueness about it, but they think in terms of expulsion and elimination.” [...]

“Arafat, since the ‘70s, after Fatah’s guerrilla warfare failed to yield results, concluded that the liberation of the homeland would be accomplished through a ‘policy of stages.’ The idea of the ‘struggle in stages’ was meant to achieve the gradual elimination of Israel and a solution of a single Arab state. In other words, the Palestinian Liberation Organization leaders continually put on a conciliatory face in order to please the West, but actually their goal was to eliminate Israel in stages, since they couldn’t do it in one blow.

“The same staggered strategy, which sees the establishment of a state in the occupied territories as the first stage in the conquest of the entire land, was, in their view, better than a direct strategy of endless military confrontation. Abbas says it day in and day out, and continues to demand the right of return.”

“The realization of the right of return essentially requires the destruction of the Jewish state. For the same reason, Abbas currently refuses to hold negotiations with the Israelis. Because negotiations could lead to a resolution to the conflict. He has no desire or intention of reaching a solution of two states for two peoples.”


  1. Recipients and PublicitySeptember 21, 2012 at 10:44 AM

    Good morning miss sunshine, so what else is new? For that he had to do research for 30+ (!) years and write 9+ books?

    The (radical) Arabs are like the Nazis and Japanese of World War Two, the only way they can be subdued and pacified is by defeating them totally and they must surrender unconditionally and accept whatever terms of surrender are imposed on them such as General McArthur did to the Japanese and the Allies did to the Nazis. Until then, they will string out the West and take them for the ride of their lives and people will unfortunately pay with their lives for it.

    America had a chance to do that when it sent a force of over 500,000 men under General Schwartzkopf to destroy Iraq in the First Gulf War in 1990. In 100 HOURS his army flattened the Iraqis. He could have cleaned up the whole Middle East, but instead George H. W. Bush called him home for fear of offending his Arab big-oil partners. His son George W. Bush could have mopped up in Iran after he wiped out what was left of Iraq after the Second Gulf War that followed the 9/11 attacks of 2001, but of course the partnership with the oil-rich Muslim states means more to the American powers that be than once and for all crushing the menace of demonic and crazed Arab violence, war and terrorism, as Israel successfully did in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, but each time was forced to give back its gains after teaching the Arabs the lesson/s over and over and over again that messing with the Jews in Israel will lead to the downfall of all of the Islamic Arab world forever.

    May this new year usher in the final Geulah Sheleimah and may Amalek in all his forms be destroyed forever!

  2. Du! Whoever thought that those bums wanted 2 states?

  3. Unless this is publicized, written about and filling the media - all of the world still believes that Israel the occupier and aggressor is at fault. Benny Morris, speak loud and clear for all to hear.

  4. How can we read the entire article? It is locked behind a paywall.

  5. The funny thing is that, according to recent reports I've seen, some mainstream Palestinian nationalists (Fatah I think) have said that even in a hypothetical one-state solution, with right of return and everything, Jews will never be allowed to live in Judea and Samaria. Some people are so attached to ethnic cleansing it's absurd...

  6. This will change nothing. The same people who still think that "tikun olam" means recycling and preventing global warming will still think that Arabs want a 2-state solution despite all the evidence to the contrary.
    And really, it might be that they want a 2 state solution - 1 state being 100% Arab, 1 being 75% Arab with a tolerated Jewish minority... for now.


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