Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When good people produce rotten kids


I don’t know what I’ve done wrong,” the patient told me.

She was an intelligent and articulate woman in her early 40s who came to see me for depression and anxiety. In discussing the stresses she faced, it was clear that her teenage son had been front and center for many years.

When he was growing up, she explained, he fought frequently with other children, had few close friends, and had a reputation for being mean. She always hoped he would change, but now that he was almost 17, she had a sinking feeling.[...]

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  1. I think it is perfectly possible that decent parents produce "rotten" kids, because there is a lot of "nature" to all this and peer groups also play an important role.

    However, I feel that this article espouses too much the point of view of the parents without even asking the "rotten" children's opinion.


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