Friday, July 2, 2010

Personal safety - Talking to our children

Jewish Press by Bracha Goetz

Here are signs to protect our children from danger: In 95% of cases, the molester's not a stranger. He's someone you know and respect.  He's disarming. He is drawn to children.  And he's awfully charming.

 This is a handy little jingle for parents to keep in mind, but even though it's short, my rhyme is not for little children.  In order to adequately prepare our children, however, first we need to be aware of the red flags ourselves.  Then we simply need to schedule an "annual check-up" time to clearly and calmly bring up the subject of personal safety with our children. [...]

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  1. When I was growing up, my mother used to ask me constantly if anyone touched my privates.... She would name off every adult and say how about this one and that one.

    Another thing is that the little girls need to be wearing shorts or pantyhose under their skirts. I've seen too many little girls panties. If a pervert sees that... it's a wrap.


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