Friday, December 18, 2009

Tropper doesn't know when to give up

Does anyone have sound advice concerning the appropriate response to the following threatening notice which I received today


Mr. Eidensohn,

Your desultory attitude is unacceptable. So let me make it plain.Your postings about Rabbi Tropper are libelous and outrageous. I presume you are familiar with the common law doctrine of universal Internet jurisdiction which permits non-resident plaintiffs to sue non-resident defendants for publishing libelous materials accessible over the Internet. If not, I will gladly supply you withe the case law references.  I am advised you posted these defamatory materials about Rabbi Tropper at the behest of Guma Aguiar. You are familiar with Aguiar's widely published conflicts with Rabbi Tropper.  Unless you immediately take down all your posts about Rabbi Tropper, I will advise him to engage counsel inside and outside Israel to sue you; Be advised that, under the doctrine of comity, Israel will enforce foreign money judgments against you, especially judgments rendered by common law courts in Britain, Australia, Canada, the U.S., etc.  I won't wait until Sunday to give Rabbi Tropper that advice.Accordingly, let me know what you plan to do upon your receipt of this E-mail.

Samuel A. Abady, J.D.
Spokesman for Rabbi Leib Tropper


  1. I find it amusing how this lawyer refers to you as mr. eidensohn and not so slick leib as rabbi tropper. It is likely an empty threat as you were not the first one to fully disclose these heinous actions and the information is available, in even greater detail, on several other blogs. I wonder if the other non-anonymous bloggers, the Jewish week or for that matter the NYT is going to be receiving similar letters. At this point it doesn't matter- remove the info if you'd like, the guy is cooked and as more info becomes available it is likely to get worse.
    On a side note as someone who has been following this saga for quite a while i would just like to commend you for your honest and not over sensationalist reporting of the events that have transpired over the last week. May you be blessed for your work on behalf of the clal. Chazak V'ematz!!! Thank you Rabbi Eidensohn!
    Shabbat Shalom

  2. My advice is this.
    First as this is a dis-barred lawyer save all of these emails with full headers as we have previously discussed. Print them actually and store them in a safe place as evidence, and file a complaint with the relevant bar associations for practicing without a license.

    Second. Take these threats and any further to every B"D you can and have them issue a Cherem against Tropper for Moser.

    Third contact Guma if at all possible and see if his charity will fund/help fund any defensive legal expenses you may have.

  3. read this interview with abadi


  4. It is shocking that Rabbi Tropper apparently is not even considering going to a beis din but is planning on going to a secular court. Perhaps Abady is not really representing Rabbi Tropper but is simply a troll.

  5. I am awaiting a response from a major askan to see if there is anything he can do to help fight off Bully Tropper.

    I wonder if the dozen or so other blogs that are much more forceful against Tropper have also been threatened.

    Abady is a Syrian name but he cannot be frum since he lives in the tony Westchester enclave of Bronxville where there is no shul.

    NY suspended Abady's license to practice law in 2005 for professional misconduct.

    Abady was caught by NJ police driving a motorcycle without a license. Because they confiscated the motorcycle, he hired Lakewood NJ lawyer Shmuel Brown to get it back under - I kid you not - Constitutional grounds.

  6. Does this troll even know the definition of the word? It has nothing to do with being focused on Tropper.

  7. Could Rav Eidensohn display the email address of the person claiming to be Abady?

    You might be surprised what it could wield.

    Last year, a part-time OU employee who writes for the 5 Towns Jewish Times was writing under an alias to attack Rubashkin critics. He was outed by UOJ thanks to an email address that he forgot that he once used under his real name.

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    X-Originating-IP: []
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    Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Thu, 17 Dec 2009 18:45:21 -0800
    Received: from Sam ( []) by (Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.2-8.04 (built Feb 28 2007)) with ESMTP id <> for; Thu, 17 Dec 2009 21:45:20 -0500 (EST)
    Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 21:48:05 -0500
    "Samuel A. Abady"
    View contact details
    Subject: RE: Leib Tropper
    In-reply-to: <>
    To: 'Daniel Eidensohn'
    Message-id: <602BEECD584B4DDD856E4C44DA09F3A9@Sam>
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  9. The language being used is unusual for a legal professional, especially in his opening salvo, in that it is almost combative.

    Either it is some wacky baal teshuva supporter of Tropper impersonating Abady or Abady is missing a few screws.

  10. Rav Eidensohn,

    "Samuel A Abady" is how some email programs render the actual address.

    Depending on your software, you can click on a tab for more details or maybe just run the cursor over his name to get the actual address which is not included in the gobbledygook you pasted.

  11. Recipients and PublicityDecember 18, 2009 at 2:56 PM

    Disbarred lawyer (twice, at least), unfrocked rabbi (recorded by mistress), forging of documents (proven here), deceiving people (by the conference load), red faced supporters (with white beards mostly), humiliated benefactors (wasted millions)=defunct EJF!

    What else is new from the Tropper house of dirty tricks?

  12. "Samuel A. Abady"

    this is his address as shown by the yahoo software.

    Nothing happens with moving the cursor. The previous posted material is from the complete header tab.

  13. "Samuel A. Abady"

    the address was being blocked by < >

  14. Recipients and PublicityDecember 18, 2009 at 3:11 PM

    "Juris doctor said...Either it is some wacky baal teshuva supporter of Tropper impersonating Abady or Abady is missing a few screws."

    Yes to BT, and big yes to "missing a few screws" see his pic here:

    His record is terrible:

    *"This lawyer has been cited for professional misconduct by a state disciplinary authority" and suspened twice, here:

    *"defense of athletes in anti-doping cases", here

    *Accused and cited in court for conflict of interest, here:

    and more such odious items.

    Why on Earth would a man like this even want to show up anywhere, let alone where he knows he will bump up against some decent rabbis who do not fear Tropper's threats?

    And why lie? Tropper knows full-well that Rabbi Eidensohn has absolutely nothing to do with Guma Aguiar and he can prove it!

    Desperate men resort to desperate acts it seems.

  15. The IP address is coming from Long Island. It s definitely not Abady but someone using his name.

  16. JWB says:

    You and others should contact the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Public Citizen Litigation Group. These sort of absurd legal threats are dealt with by them on a regular basis. I suspect that if there is any litigation against you (which is unlikely) they would likely take the case pro-bono. Here is the contact information for my lawyers in a similar matter:

    Paul Alan Levy (DC Bar 946400)
    Public Citizen Litigation Group
    1600 - 20th Street, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20009
    (202) 588-1000

    Cindy Cohn (State Bar 145997)
    Corynne McSherry (State Bar 221504)
    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    454 Shotwell Street
    San Francisco, California 94110-1914
    (415) 436-9333

  17. Paul Alan Levy in fact defended the bloggers sued by Mordechai Tendler.

    And when they were threatened by his brother Hillel Tendler from Baltimore, his law partners were notified that he used the firm letterhead without their permission. They never heard another peep out of Hillel after that.

  18. try to contact abady at his email address to confirm if he indeed sent you the note. ip addressese can be deceptive, the location is based on where the optimum office is located. either way, is in yonkers.

    -paul (feivel) kleinman (world renowned expert on ip addresses)

  19. I'm not sure this is actually from Abady but if it is the suggestion to contact EFF from the anon above is a very good one. They've dealt with this sort of thing a lot before.


    Sam Abady sued the Westchester city of Eastchester in a 440 civil rights case. I think that usually means that the police searched his vehicle or property and found illegal drugs which the perp insists was an unlawful search. I'm not sure if 440 could mean other things besides narcotics.

  21. Paul Alan Levy was Orthomom's attorney.

    Even if you do not hire him, Levy has a full library of resources including case law and filings that he makes available to the public.

    These resources were used to write the Amicus Curiae defense of Mashgiach Yitzcack Biton, A Mashgiach Speaks Out (case was dismissed).

    Meanwhile, Abady can go to jail on a felony for practicing law without a license.

    He is a sad story, another victim of Troppers, IMHO.

  22. If Tropper were really planning on suing you, he'd have a licensed lawyer threaten to sue you. And why mention Guma? It makes no sense, because it's totally irrelevant.

  23. again i keep asking myself,why are you so obssesed with leib tropper?
    if you don't stop this nonsense you might go down together with him



    Create a new blog and have the author be "anonymous".

    Then just link to that blog whenever u want to post about this topic.

    there is no way to prove that u are the author of this "new blog". If youd like, u can ask someone else to actually write the material!

    this guy is a loser and he has nothing on u and he knows that.

  25. you caved once, so now you are perceived as weak, so they are going after you.

  26. Per disclaimer below -

    This is an empty threat, and nothing more. The truth is an absolute defense to libel.
    So, if he ever sues you, which is 99.9999% gauranteed never to happen, mimoh nofshoch - either the truth will already have been established in another venue, so you are free; or it will not have been, and then does Tropper really want to have his affairs published in open court?

    More so, this guy is a public figure, and the "actual malice" standard necessary to establish libel for a public figure is almost impossible to meet.

    Email him back, pointing these little problems out. Also note that should he actually try to litigate, you will be forced to subpoena dozens of his rabbinic colleaugues, and does he really want to be responsible for that? You should also advise him that you would go for malicious prosecution and Rule 11 frivilous pleadings.

    And the moser threat is a good one, too. If any beis din refuses to issue a lo tzayis ledina letter, publicize the name of that beis din. Does Tropper really want to drag down the entire fabric of orthodox society, because of his personal problems.

    IN short, laugh it off.

    (Official disclaimer - the foregoing is a personal opinion, and does not constitute professional advice. You are not my client, and I am not your lawyer. Always consult a lawyer.)

  27. He left you his phone number. Just give him a quick call and ask if he sent the email. If he did, then wish him a Good Shabbos and hang up!

  28. Blogging case law has already been determined in the US to be protected free speech of the kind you have in a public square or on a bulletin board.

    The famous NY Times libel and defamation case of the 1960s that reached the US Supreme Court ruled that public figures, such as Tropper, cannot be defamed. Besides, YOU are not writing anything about him, and have all the proper disclaimers on your front page that information posted is not guaranteed to be correct.

    Don't let him intimidate you!

  29. The email address worked for me. I sent him a message asking if he is Sam Abady the attorney and he responded that he is.

  30. Abady was disbarred by the US Supreme Court in 2008:


    Samuel Aaron Abady, of Bronxville, New York, having been suspended from the practice of law in this Court by order of February 19, 2008; and a rule having been issued and served upon him requiring him to show cause why he should not be disbarred; and the time to file a response having expired; It is ordered that Samuel Aaron Abady is disbarred from the practice of law in this Court.

    In June 2005, Abady was suspended from the practice of law in New York State for a period of five years. The New York Supreme Court's Appellate Division found Abady:
    engaged in a pattern of serious professional misconduct, all the while demonstrating an astonishing insensitivity to his legal and ethical obligations.


    Abady is married to Jane Watson who is presumably not Jewish.

    Amazing how Tropper is friendly with all these people in improper relationships, like the Brazillian gvir, when it suits him. Then he throws them to the dogs when he no longer has any use for them.

  32. As a lawyer practising in Canada - these common law actions are hard to get of the ground, coupled with the conflict of law issues - you would need a real expert and it would be costly to launch.
    Second its doubtful unless Das Torah is a millionaire that he would proceed with the action if there is no money at the other end.
    It appears as a bluff to scare you
    Beside Makubal is correct, and provided sound advice file commplaint in Abadis juristriction that he is practsing law without a license - belive me if he is dis barred they will go after him.
    Gut Shabos and a Frelichen Hunucha


  33. Do not worry Abady is a nutcase like most other Tropperites. All other Tropperites, now instead of defending this menuval who is a cooked goose, JUMP SHIP while you still have a chance, if the titanic was going down would you stay on it???

    Still attaching yourself to him, will invalidate your torah, your geirus etc etc. All the big Rabbeyem who were duped by him all these years, including Reb Reuvein Feinstein are distancing themselves as far away as they can from him.

  34. To me, the message looks bogus. hcvlny=Hicksville, Long Island, NY., Long Island's cable TV company.'s Internet offering. Try contacting Abady, but that is problematic. The address given to NYS's Office of Court Administration is old: then enter the captcha code to get NYS's record on him. Verizon's online directory has a white page listing for him, but a phone number belonging to that of a "Law Office", (212) 224-0224.

  35. ADDENDUM: Someone with Optimum Internet Service could have opened of their email accounts with the address: If you reply to that email address, you have no idea who is at the other end.

  36. More than 3 percent of adult women who attend religious services at least once a month have been victims of clergy sexual abuse, according to researchers at Baylor University, Waco, Texas .

    Four percent of respondents said they knew of a close friend or family member who experienced a sexual advance by a clergy member in their congregation, the study said. Diana Garland, dean of Baylor's School of Social Work and lead researcher in the study. "What this research tells us, however, is that clergy sexual misconduct with adults is a widespread problem in congregations of all sizes and occurs across denominations." This is true in the orthodox Jewish community. I've heard researches say that adult women get molested by clergy more often then children.

    My point is what are we going to do to safe guard women from being sexually exploited by individuals

  37. you should be happy. you defend those yu apikorsim who allow women to go to arko'oys.

    what's good for the goose is good for the gander. i hope he takes you there. you support yu, the bda and all the other kefirah.

    just look at your blog sub-title 'fighting women abuse". you are a disgrace.

  38. "Adam Smith" should be ashamed of his total lack of derech eretz but it seems he cannot even name the organization that gets him so unsettled.

    The problematic group with feminist sympathies is ORA and I do not see that Rav Eidensohn has come to their defense.

  39. Troppenstein's monsterDecember 20, 2009 at 4:37 AM

    I have information that Abady is supposedly some kind of Tropper groupie baal teshuva and that his wife Jane Watson had a gerus about 20 years ago.

    This of course stinks of rotten fish. Who did the gerus and why does any wealthy guy who has abilities Tropper can use become exempt from the usual Tropper draconian rules. The only shul within any kind of walking distance from their home in Bronxville is the modern orthodox Fleetwood shul that is half an hour away in the shvartz ghetto of Mount Vernon. The rabbi of this shul who is a YU-Har Etzion boy, has a strong background in science which makes him possul to be the rov of EJF gerim.

    Tropper by the way would refer people to Abady for legal business but Abady was seen as useless and did not always last with the clients.


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