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Tamar Epstein's Heter: Rav Sariel Rosenberg protests

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הרב שריאל רוזנברג (נולד ב-16 בינואר 1951) הוא ראש בית הדין של הרב נסים קרליץ ורב שכונת "רמת דוד" בבני ברק. משמש במקביל כאב בית דין בבית הדין הישר והטוב בירושלים.

Postscript to the Baltimore Beis Din letter of Tammuz


A translation:

It is a clear matter that with regard to any woman who has been established as married, one cannot remove her status as a married woman without the clear ruling of an authorized beis Din, and no person in the world is relied upon to say that she may get married. Even a sole dayan is not relied upon. [She cannot marry] unless she has in her hand an court writ that is written and signed by the Beis Din as the halakha requires. I have been seized will trembling to hear that there are those who desire to permit a married woman to [marry one from] the world based on oral reports alone, that one person heard from another that she is permitted. This matter is the destruction of the religion and a breach of all the walls of holiness and purity in the vineyard of the Jewish people, that any person does as he sees fit. I support the hands of the Beis din and ge’onim who are standing firm to stop this breach. This should not be for us as a stumbling block, God forbid. Who is like them, who understand the matter clearly, as they had hearings with the two parties.

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