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Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Failed Messiah blinded by his hatred for Chareidim - becomes incoherent when contradicted by facts

 update: As Shmarya continues to use abusive language and name calling in his comments to this post and claims that he has integrity - contrary to my claims - I just wanted to add evidence from his own blog.

1) Please read his comment rules - and decide for yourself whether his foul name calling and tirades -  not only on his blog but also here - is consistent with his requirement not to use name-calling and using facts and logic?

Failed Messiah Comment Rules

  • 5. Try to argue using facts and logic.
    6. Do not lie.
    7. No name-calling, please.
    ***Violation of these rules may lead to the violator's comments being edited or his future comments being banned.***
2) Concerning his claim for integrity as a reporter and being able to back up everything he says - please note the following quote from his  schnorring appeal

As many of you know, FailedMessiah has broken many major stories, from the Rubashkin family's shenanigans to Rabbi Leib Tropper's extortion and sex scandal, along with important parts of the New Square arson/attempted murder story and child sex abuse reporting, to name a few.

The fact is that he did not break the story about Rabbi Leib Tropper sex scandal. I published it before he did - as he acknowledged recently in a comment on this post. Claiming falsely that my breaking the story almost killed it - which is total nonsense.

And your Tropper post almost killed the Tropper story, at least as wide coverage went. I know this is a bit beyond you, but newspapers and magazines require fact-checking and editing and vetting with attorneys, all of which takes time. And your 'scoop' almost killed the work I did before you that was published and picked up widely.
The following are recent comments to Failed Messiah's post of Baby dies in hot car. It is a clear example of the inability of rabid bashers of Charedim to acknowledge facts that are not critical of Chareidim. In fact Shmarya goes into an incoherent rage when his lies are conclusively refuted.  This is possibly why there has not been a single person who has publicly apologized for slandering Yoel Weiss by repeating Rivky Stein's lies. Chareidi bashers lack elementary integrity because they are not concerned with truth but only ridiculing Chareidim. That is why it is difficult for them to apologize for mistaken claims and allegations. Also contrary to Shmarya's ridiculous lies - my brother who is clearly not a moron or dishonest - was not behind these posts.

Will you be issuing a statement of repentance for perpetuating the lies against Yoel Weiss?

Idiot. Eidensohn’s brother, who is behind those posts, is both a moron and incredibly dishonest. When are you going to apologize for your racism, for your lies and for all of your very evident evil?

Did Eidensohn's brother convince Abeles to put up that affidavit saying his name had been falsified, that he was not a rabbi and not on the fictional beit din?

Did Eidensohn's brother manipulate the Jewish Press into withdrawing Yoel Stein's name as a get refuser?

If I wait at the crossroads at midnight, will Eidensohn's brother show up and teach me to play the blues in exchange for my soul?

Why would I need to apologize for having opinions offensive to you? It's not a crime to be "racist" (which is a meaningless epithet to be applied to whites voicing opinions objectionable to the smearer in order to shut them up,) but it is an offense to repeat slander about others.

In this case, this woman and her handlers built up a pyramid of lies, which you blindly repeated because they fit your agenda-if one Jew in Tel Aviv breaks wind, you'll be writing for weeks about how every toilet in Bnei Brak exploded. Now the pyramid is crumbling. You'll be the last to acknowledge it, I'm sure.


  1. I feel I should straighten things out on this blog. First of all, I am not Eidensohn's brother. He is Eidensohn's brother. And anyone who can make a mistake like this is plainly missing in integrity. They don't call me Big Brother for nothing.

  2. I agree with you - I just found it convenient to illlustrate my point about "righteous" people who were quick to condemn Yoel but don't have the elementary decency to apologize for their slander when the evidence shows that they were wrong.

  3. The failed messiah and its owner are effectively the Skinheads of the Jewish world.

  4. Tiyuvta deFM TiyuvtaSeptember 8, 2014 at 9:39 PM

    Shmarya can dish it out but he can't take it.

    Ask around Monsey regarding Shmarya's brief attendance at Leib Tropper's yeshiva Kol Yaakov in the early 1980s. Shmarya dropped out of the yeshiva but continued to loaf around Monsey doing essentially nothing for a while. Because of a hugely shameful incident he was behind one day that the police responded to at the beis medrash previously known as Charedim, Shmarya goes ape and denies he ever stepped foot in Monsey or ever had any connection to Leib Tropper. Never mind that Shmarya's grandfather was the infamous mafia figure Leon Gleckman. The Monsey incident says a lot about Shmarya himself.

  5. I've been making the same argument for awhile but since I have now found evidence to support my contentions I present it here.

    This text is copied from a Laymen's guide to the beis din process put out by Beith Din of America. You can find it online:

    The recipient of a hazmana is not obligated to go to the beth din chosen by the claimant, although he or she is obligated to either settle the case or go to a beth din. If the person being summoned does not want to go to the summoning bet din, then 3 he or she must propose an alternative beth din. If they cannot find a mutually acceptable beth din, a “joint bet din” is formed by a procedure called “zebla” or “zabla.”

    In other words, the argument that Rivky's beis din is not good is not sufficient. It is Yoel's responsibility to either show up to the beis din that gave him the hazmanah, or to propose an alternative beith din, or zabla if neither of the first two options work. Instead, we have Yoel and this blog providing all kinds of evidence about how her beith din is no good. This is not proper halachic process! Halacha does not advocate posting evidence against a beis din to avoid a hazmana. Rather, halacha advocates a more logical approach. For the person being summoned to propose his own beis din... or to submit to a zabla process. This conclusively demonstrates that the approach on this blog is wrong.

  6. @elamdan - your citation isn't relevant to a non-existent beis din

  7. Steinbrenner had a beis din. She simply manufactured fake beis dindocuments, fake hazmanas and a fake psak.

  8. well i think u probably could of found a better example. i mean Shmarya is so extreme in his hatred for torah and charadis and many of the "righteous" people that quickly condemned Yoel actually believe in and follow Torah concepts.

    they could just be to embarrassed to come out and admit they were wrong and probably just hope it will go away with out having to pop there head up. as opposed to Shmarya who is blinded by hatred which leads to preforming mental acrobatics to convince himself and come to these conclusions which probably does not convince others.

  9. What was the incident at Charedim?

  10. ha! i couldn't be further from being charedi although that would be a real hoot. although i do have one very close charadi friend in Tel Aviv that i c when i pop by there i'm actually a settler who wears shorts, t-shirts. sneakers and listens to heavy metal, industrial and hardcore techno music.

    i'm only religious for about 5 years and can't even read or speak Hebrew well. i'm still in the process of parting with my old ways which i haven't yet completely abandoned (some i imagine i never will).

    although i do study Torah a lot i do it with all English translations of Tanach, talmud and my very favorite which is commentaries as well as learn with friends who translate Hebrew texts to English for me.

    i'v got a lot to learn so forgive me if i don't know Tannis 20B like the back of my hand yet cause i just recently bought the new Koren translation which is pared with Megilla and i started with that first.

    anyway i don't think personal appearance is entirely irrelevant to a persons character. from my understanding the Torah exalts physical beauty which is said of many of the people in the Tanach which i read in an article somewhere.

    i'l ask my rabbi but i'm having a hard time thinking of Gedolim who r absolutely grotesque in there appearance. if u look at a lot of the big rabbi's of these days any way like Rabbi Meir Kahane, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, my Rabbi, etc etc there all r or were pretty darn good looking guys.

    if u can point out any that look like disgusting slobs then let me know but none come to mind.

  11. Incorrect. Proper protocol is that yoel needs to respond to the hazmana by showing up as requested or follow the procedures I outlined above if he is not satisfied with the beis din. He cannot deny the existence of the beis din without following that halachic protocol.

  12. Are you Charedi enough to know how to read Gemorah?

    What is this supposed to mean? With this comment I effectively disregarded what you wrote. What a shame, as we could have a meaningful discussion here.

  13. As you well know, I never attended Tropper's yeshiva nd I never was in Monsey. You've been spreading this lie – as you have spread so many other lies about so many other people – all over the Internet using various fake names and aliases. And of course HaRav Eidensohn allows this because his grasp of and support for halakha is always relative to whose ox is being gored.

    As for HaRav Eidensohn's brother, what I wrote stands.

    When you form a closed circle and keep congratulating each other on how smart you are and how correct you are and how perfect HaRav Shternbuch is, you might just be losing sight of the fact that in real world, all of you are considered to be babbling, blithering fools preaching to your choir.

    There's a reason that in the era when each city had one and only one beit din, and that beit din had bailiff power, people like Yoel Weiss were given the Rabbi Mendel Epstein-Rabbi David Wax cattle prod treatment if they refused to give a get.

    It was a way for the rabbis to work around a halakha that was inoperable as it stood.

    But we don't have that option today because we don't have such beit dins and bailiff powers. So we need to find another way to protect the extortion and torture of women who want a get.

    Unfortunately, there are too may rabbis like the Eidensohns who are very busy trying to leave intact and protect the halakha the Rambam and so many other rishonim tried to work around. What they're doing is hurting women and their children and Judaism.

    But when you all sit around in a closed circle and listen to lies and applaud yourselves, you kind of miss that.

  14. @eLamdan - you are wrong!. Yoel did in fact attempt to respond to the hazmana - but there was no response. Further investigation indicated there was no such beis din. If the beis din had existed - then Yoel responded properly. If the beis din is phoney - he has no obligation to pay attention to pronouncements made in their name and published with a letter head. Anyone with access to a computer can issue rulings in the name of rabbinical authority..

  15. When did Yoel respond? Did he show up to the beis din at the time on the hazmana? It says on the beis din document that three hazmanot were sent and then a fourth as a courtesy and he refused to appear. Plus, there is a recording of him stating explicitly that he will never appear for a hazmana!! And, we all know that he did not appear at the court on the day after Tisha Bav, so what are you talking about exactly? He did not appear for the hazmana or engage in the proper protocol of selecting his own beis din or zabla. Do you think that halacha actually advocates his approach of disparaging her beis din when halacha has already stated that he is supposed to instead select his own beis din if he thinks hers is no good!? Even if her beis din is made up of complete idiots the halacha has a solution that he can apply. I am baffled by your understanding of the halacha!! It is amazing that you continue to advocate for what he is doing when selecting his own beis din or zabla would be an easy solution that is halachic, logical, and simple!

  16. @Shmarya - your contempt for halacha and Judaism is obvious from your blog - as well as from your explanation of why you aren't concerned when your assertions regarding Yoel Weiss are shown to be lies. You don't even abide by minimal standards of honest reporting. Even the best reporter errs occasionaly in facts and allegations. But you act like you are infallible - especially in regards to slanderous assertions against a chareidi Jew.

    You obviously still consider Yoel guilty as charged by his wife - despite the lack of supporting evidence and the fact that she made up a fictional beis din and published false documents from this fictional beis din. Even the secular court severey doubts her veracity. Obviously in the hate filled bubble that you live in - women never lie or make up false allegations

    Not only are you in favor of vigilante justice against men simply because a woman makes accusations against her husband - but you have no concern for justice at all. Your claiming that your role model for dealing with divorce is Mendel Epstein - who tortured husbands if given $100k - even without any evidence- is surely appropriate. As I stated - truth means nothing to you - as long the allegations serve to degrade Charedi Jews and Judaism.

    You simply lack the common decency to acknowledge you were wrong - if that would mean vindicating a chareidi Jew.

  17. @eLamdan - you really haven't bothered to read the background facts in this case. This discussion is simply a waste of time

  18. Shmarya R.: You're a certified ignoramous in halacha. You know halacha as well as I know Sharia Law.

    When beis din was able to use force in a divorce proceeding it wasn't because Rambam and others tried to work around the law. It is the law itself.

    Secondly, even the situations where force was warranted and used according to Rambam and the other Rishonim were extremely limited. Everyone acknowledges that halacha itself says a divorce given against the husbands will, due to force being applied or otherwise, is invalid and null and void. The only time where force can be applied without nullifying the resulting purported divorce is in the very limited situations where halacha permits force. Halacha, as codified by Rambam, Shulchan Aruch and others, states in any other situation the so-called divorce is invalid and without effect.

    This is an example of where force isn't permitted as there are no circumstances in the case that halacha describes as a divorce being warranted.

  19. That is your answer anytime you are cornered.

    I've looked at many of the documents and I've seen the "evidence" that you have provided. Essentially, your argument boils down to the fact that the beis din is fake based on an affidavit you got from Yoel and the "lack of evidence" that Rivky has brought to prove her beis din is real. I'm saying it all does not matter because halacha has a way of dealing with this which Yoel is not pursuing. You have yet to respond regarding why Yoel can't go to his own beis din... what would be the harm? I propose he go to the RCA beis din which is universally recognized. He does not want to do that because he is probably afraid that they would also say he needs to give a GET.

  20. @ELamdan - you keep making the same assertion - despite that you have been repeated told that the accepted halacha is to resolve all outstanding matters before a get is given. You refuse to accept the standard procedure in Gittin and then want to know why Yoel doesn't follow your psak. Sorry but we are dealing with what halacha is not what you want it to be. The RCA beis din is not universally recognized

  21. The process on rca website is standard beis din procedure... find me a source of a beis din that differs on the hazmana /zabla process. You're the king of telling people to resolve things through beis din yet here you encourage yoel to fight via blogs instead of property dinei torah. Do you seriously think the torah advocates that yoel fight through your blog instead of at least walking into a beis din to see what he should do!

  22. @Elamdan - Yoel has no obligation to give a Get. No beis din has ruled that. Furthermore the get is given at the end. Why is it so hard for you to understand those words which have been repeated and repeated - and you still don't get it.

  23. I know you believe that but it would be nice to see that in writing from a beis din that actually hears the case. Don't you think?

  24. 1. Yoel was never sent any hazmana. Never at all. The fake hazmana Stein created first appeared on the internet (long after the date he supposedly was supposed to show up) and was never sent to Weiss.

    2. The RCA/BDA is a left-wing modern orthodox proto-feminist beit din that is completely not accepted in the chareidi Torah world.

    3. There is no halachic basis whatsoever in the world that would require he give her a Get now.

  25. @elamdan - you accept the RCA beis din's rules. The Chareidi world does not.

  26. You can hear him state explicitly on the redeemrivky website that he received the hazmanos and that he would never think of answering one and touring to any beis din

  27. Again you have no answer as to why he can't get what your saying in writing from a respected beis din that hears both sides.

  28. Eidensohn,

    You're afool, dioshonest and a joke. I can hate halakha or love it or anything in between. That has no bearing on the fact that you are an ass who couldn't safely pas kin himself out of a paper bag and your brother is worse.

    The history of the halakhot surrounding recalcitrant husbands is clear. The intent and direction of halakha was clear.

    Lowlifes like you and your brother are content to have women suffer for years and even decades because their husbands use the get as extortion to get huge financial payouts or custody .

    This is all fine by you because you are 'guarding' the halakha.

    But you're ignoramus and an ass. You're not guarding halakha – you're perverting it.

    As for my reporting, to say that your brother is dishonest and is not a credible source is accurate.

    You don't like that? You and your friends can continues sit in your little circle and preach to each other, pat yourselves on your backs and applaud.

    But that doesn't make you right. And it doesn't make you anything other than an ass.

  29. No, David. "Everyone" does not say that.

    Your mental illness is that you think Rabbi Shternbuch and couple other haredi rabbis are the be and end all for deciding what halakha means and what it meant.

    But they aren't.

    You're an ignoramus and an arrogant fool.

    Now here's a suggestion for you, little man – tell us all how a woman whose husband refuses to give a get and demands $500,000 from his wife's family to give one should be dealt with.

    What should happen, little man? How many years does she have to wait? Is there any way in halakha to free her?

    You can't answer these questions, David.

    So what do you do?

    You try to find ways to turn the woman into an evil witch so the man doesn't have to give the get, and then there's nothing wrong with your ridiculous and historically inaccurate version of halakha.

    You are sick, dishonest, evil little man.

  30. And in those days, if a woman didn't want to fulfill her wifely duties, she either paid for it with money / reduced ketubah and or the cattle prod treatment. But discuss ing women who refuse to accept a get, when warranted, is verboten in today's PC society.

  31. Even without knowing Yoel weiss and just hearing her side i can tell you hes a scum bag. if a women wants a get you give her a damn get if you have issues work them out in court if you dont give a get chazal tell us what to do beat him until he agrees there is never a valid reason not to give a get period

  32. Tell shmarya the arab customers of those (ahem) were charedi arabs, so it's okay

    I laugh at how he claims all bad jews are charedi.

  33. @Shmarya - you can spout off like an exploding sewer but your refusal to acknowledge that you made a mistake in facts and that you simply are wrong about the lack of halachic justification for the Epstein torture for hire racket. You driven by hatred for the Jewish world and don't let the absence of facts get in the way.

    But my point was and is - you lack intellectual integrity and can not admit that you made serious mistakes of fact and halacha

  34. Why is it that save the woe begotten Jewish Press, almost no one takes anything you and your brother report on this case at face value?

    The reason is that you and David consistently report the view of a MINORITY of extreme haredi rabbis as if it is the only legitimate halakhic view, and denigrate everyone else.

    Now answer this simple question: A man refuses to give his wife a get unless her family pays him $500,000. The woman and her family refuse to pay. She suffers as an agunah for years. What solution does the halakha as you see it have to this extortion problem?

    In the old days, when each town had one (and only one) beit din and it had bailiff and corporal punishment power from the government, there was a solution. The extortion was a violation of halakha and the man's behavior was wrong, and the beit din took care of if it so the woman could be free.

    But this can't be done now for several reasons – not the least of which is the problem of competing beit dins and beit din corruption. We can't beat people up. We can't put them in prison.

    So what's the solution?

    The problem is that you and the rabbis you follow don't have one, and this hurts far too many women and children.

    The intent of allowing the beit din beating the recalcitrant husband was to get around a halakha that had become unworkable, just as the law requiring two kosher witnesses was, even earlier, bypassed by bate din and rabbis who realized that if they didn't get around this halakha, murderers and other evil people would continue to prey on society.

    Your rabbis won't do something much less than that here because they're still busy fighting a war against modernity they in actuality lost almost 150 years ago.

    Like it or not, extorting women who want a get is wrong.

    Like it or not, enabling men who extort their wives in this way is wrong.

    You, your truly foolish brother and your rabbis get around this by demonizing almost every woman who is being so extorted. They become in your smeared evil and conniving, and their extortionist husbands become persecuted innocents.

    Like with child sex abuse, where haredi rabbis often demonize the victims and their families, you and your brother demonize these chained women to make yourselves feel better about oppressing them.

    The good news for women is that the behavior of you and your brother and your rabbis is now very well known to the FBI and to law enforcement outside the US through the Epstein and Wax cases.

    Extortion is crime, and in the case of get extortion by recalcitrant husbands it is linked to and part of an ongoing federal criminal case and investigation.

    The wheels of justice don't always turn fast, but they do turn.

    Don't be too surprised to one day see an extortionist husband or two or three (or even more) sitting in a federal lockup awaiting arraignment.

    And always remember, if the feds prosecute under RICO, which they likely will, not only will that number swell, it will likely grow to include rabbis and others who aided or enabled the extortion.

    Hamayvin yavin.

  35. All I meant was - Charedim respect Gemorah greatly - well, here is a suitable quote from a Gemorah. No personal offence was intended.

    Honesty - it's a shame you couldn't bring yourself to look past this one line and focus on the main thrust of my comment.

  36. Shmarya - please respond to the point at hand - do you agree that Rifky Weiss concocted a Beis Din and Hazmanah, which therefore Yoel has no obligation to follow?

  37. @Shmarya - you are simply avoiding acknowledging that you were mistaken in the Rivky Stein case. You are also wrong that the Mendel Epstein 100k to torture a husband to give a get even though the husband has not been given a chance to present his views- has ever been acceptable.

    The rest of your comment is total nonsense and does not represent the view of myself or my brother. You are simply making up fairy tales rather then show integrity and admit you were wrong.

  38. Actually the FBI is putting into jail, on Federal charges, those that tried to illegitimately attempt to get a Get for these women.

  39. Denial is certainly to be expected.

    Shmarya was in a bad mood and "thought" he heard some heimish guys making fun of Lubavitch who in those days was so dear to him. So something snapped and there was Shmarya, who today is obsessed with images of Charedim throwing stones, himself throwing stones at the windows of "Charedim" during mincha. Responding officers took Shmarya into custody. The hullaballoo reached Leib Tropper who burned a path to the scene and out of pity for poor Shmarya begged the police that justice would be better served if Shmarya was given mental help instead of a prison cell. It is reported that Shmarya was so ashamed & enraged at being hauled off for a psych eval that he swore revenge on Tropper for having him transported to the cuckoo house.

    Shmarya at some point decided it was more beneficial to his reputation & credibility to just delete Monsey from history.

  40. It does represent your view and David's view. You have no answers to a case where an innocent woman is being extorted because you and the foolish rabbis you follow have twisted halakha totally out of its actual meaning. If I'm wrong, give me the answer. What does your halakha do for an innocent woman being extorted? How does it free her? Do you have an answer?

  41. @Shmarya - your standard approach is to attack on a differnt issue rather than acknowledge your error and lack of integrity. You bought Rivky Stein's fabrications because it served your agenda against the Chareidi World. Now that it is shown that she was lying you refusse to retract and to apologize for being a pawn in her game. Stop trying to change the topic - admit that you were wrong already. You act like admitting that you are fallible is equivalent to committing suicide.

  42. I'm not changing the topic. I'm pointing out that you, your brother and your rabbis have no solution for the case of an innocent woman who is being extorted by her get-refuser husband. And I'm asserting that because you lack any solution for this problem, you deal with the cognitive dissonance it causes by demonizing these women, by searching for any flaw you can find in her to somehow justify the husband's bad actions, and the like.

    The fact is that you, your brother and your rabbis view innocent women trapped in these horrible situations as collateral damage for protecting halakha as you understand it. Sure, some innocent women will be serious hurt and others will have to pay their extorters, but most women will not have these problems. That's you logic, kind of like some babies will die from their circumcision, but those deaths are collateral damage to protect and keep the mitzvah. The problem here is that while the Torah does mandate circumcision, it does not mandate allowing women to be extorted by their husbands. Only some haredi rabbis mandate that. It's manmade situation created by haredi rabbis, and unintended consequence of other things and other agendas they were pushing. And rather than say Rabbi Ploni A, Rabbi Ploni B, Rabbi Ploni C, etc., were wrong, or at least admitting this type of rabbinic halakha can be modified (like, for example what the Rambam held), you sacrifice the lives of those extorted women. I don't think that's your goal, and I don't think you in any way relish what happens to them, but you are apparently completely unable to see that there are ways to deal with this problem. Worse yet, what you, your brother and others do is give succor and support to lots of these extortionists. They're welcome in your shuls and in your homes, they're honored and treated with respect. Because you will never do anything that looks like pressure, that in any way compels a recalcitrant extortionist husband to free his wife. You uphold your halakha as you ruin women's lives. Throughout history, poskim have worked to find loopholes and leniencies to help the weak and oppressed. But not you. Not your brother. Not your rabbis. You're all trying to close those loopholes and end those leniences. You're helping to make agunot, your helping evil and sick men torture their wives.Collateral damage. That's what they are. Collateral damage.

  43. BTW, you don't need to publish this but the guy who challenged me and whom you quote in your post is an overt, open racist of the worst kind, blacks as subhuman, other darker-skinned people as subhuman, etc. He's also extremely hard-right politically, right of Meir Kahane, and he's a supporter of Lev Tahor. Not exactly a poster boy for your cause.

  44. She can go to a respected beis din to hear both sides ????

  45. @Shmarya - you remind me of the excuses that the Nazis used to exterminate Jews (see the reviews of the new Eichman book) - since jews were viewed as a danger to the German people - ordinariy laws against lying , stealing, killing could be ignored.

    According to your logic since Rivky Stein wants a get she can lie steal and possibly even kill in order to obtain that Get. Why not tell her to write her own Get?

    Shmarya you really are desparate to avoid admitting you made a mistake - that your reporting of the case is composed of lies. Instead you jump on your horse and proclaim that you are fighting the fossilized halacha and anything is permitted to throw off the shackles of halacha and its restrictions that stifle and crush women.

    Aside from the nonsense you spout- the fact is that Yoel is willing to give his wife a Get and always was. She is the one who filed a $480 RICO claiim against him, she is the one who is denying him access to their children she is the one who has had him repeatedly arrested by falsely claiming he has been violating orders of proetction (see court documents) She is the one who has waged all out war against him - with your assistance to slander him,falsely accuse him of sexual abusing their children etc etc

    In short, she had no need to make up lies to get divorced. So your scenario of the aguna - that can violate every rule of decency to get free - simply does not apply here and is irelevant to this case. Your hatred for Judaism and its halacha does not justify any and all lies against frum Jews. Rifky has no justification or need to use lies, forgeries and slander in order to get divorced since her husband was and is willing to an equitable settlement for both concerned. He is not extorting her - she is extorting him! Why do you have no concern for truth when the victim is a man?

  46. how, precisely, is Nazism involved in this debate?
    You have exposed Rivky as a fraud and crazed person, but it does not justify besmirching your opponents by comparing them to Eichman. (I know this is regularly done in Hareidi circles to all and sundry).

  47. "Why do you (ie Shmarya) have no concern for truth" - The super scoundrel Shmarya, author of the Failed Messiah propaganda sheet is a prime example of the pathetically and grotesquely twisted leftist mindset and worldview. This grotesque leftist mindset derives its purpose by glorification of the alleged victimhood and sainthood of women, black/brown master races, barebacking homo perverts, Palestinians, criminal illegal aliens, etc.

    Ranting leftist frauds like Shmarya can never recognize any evil committed by their victimhood groups, and will ardently support evil women aggressors like Rivky Stein as long as the victims of these women are male.

  48. The super scoundrel Shmarya, author of the Failed Messiah anti-Semitic propaganda sheet, is a prime example of the pathetically and grotesquely twisted leftist mindset and worldview. This ultra grotesque leftist mindset derives its self worth by worship of its alleged victim hood groups - women, black/brown master races, barebacking homo perverts, Palestinians, criminal illegal aliens, etc., while exhibiting extreme self hatred and hostility to Jewish tradition, survival and interests.

    Ranting leftist frauds like Shmarya will continually lambast the tiny fraction of Chareidim charged with crimes, while utterly ignoring and suppressing any discussion of the tsunami of violent crimes, brutal racism, and terrorism regularly committed by racial minorities and Muslims against Jews and non-Arab whites.

    Leftist Jew haters like Shmarya and his merry band of proud homo perverts on FM spew their rage not only against Chareidim, but against any normal, sane Jews who reject the suicidal leftist ideologies. FM's leftist morons, pathetically ignorant of Judaism, spew their stupid lies against all normal Jews and goyim who correctly reject the super sick leftist ideologies.

  49. You're a liar. Again, I was never in Tropper's yeshiva. I was never in Monsey.

    You are are a notorious liar who spreads lies across the Web about lots of people – most of whom are are haredi.

    That Eidensohn allows you to make a false and defamatory accusation like this when he moderates comments is unconscionable, and it exposes his dishonesty and evil just as much as it does yours.

  50. @Shmarya - you are an evil hypocrite. - the slanderous comments that you allow against people you don't like are far worse. You have acknowledged that truth doesn't matter as long it involves a woman who claims to be an aguna. You publish every slanderous comment she makes - as long as it is directed against her husband or against halacha. You hvae acknowledged that you are the possesor of a "higher morality" that justifies lies and slanders against Judaism and Orthodox Jews to "protect" any woman who claims she is an aguna.- without regard to the truth.

  51. I'll try this one more time.

    You, your brother and your rabbis have a history of demonizing women of are being extorted by their recalcitrant husband as I outlined above. So it is difficult for people familiar with that history to trust you and the people around you.

    Hopwever, I asked you a simple question: if an innocent (note that word: innocent) woman is being extorted by her recalcitrant husband, what solution(s) to that does the halakha you say you are upholding provide?

    I contend it has no solutions and no answers, and I further contend that intentionally or unintentionally, your rabbis have painted themselves into a corner, and in the process have doomed women to years and even decades of suffering and loneliness.

    I also contend that the halakha as it was understood until very recently allowed for shunning and other non-violent methods to be used against such extortionist recalcitrant husbands, and that in the middle ages and earlier, when batei din had bailiff power and the legal ability to issue corporeal punishment, halakha allowed the sitting beit din of a community to use those powers to convince the recalcitrant extortionist husband to give his wife a get.

    I've repeatedly asked you for your solution(s) to the an innocent (note that word: innocent) woman is being extorted by her recalcitrant husband. But you have none.

    And therefore, instead of working to strengthen that problem, instead of building the protect wall around it higher, you should be trying to find ways around it. That's what the Ramabam did and, until the response to the haskalah we know as haredism came into fashion, that is what many rabbis did. Rav Moshe, who you have some shaiychus to, made a career out of it. He wasn't perfect and never claimed to be, and he was too cautious and too conservative, I think (and even he sometimes thought) on some issues. But he always strove to be lenient, to find these loopholes and to alleviate the suffering of people – especially weak, vulnerable people. And when he couldn't find a way to lenient and someone would suffer as a result, he felt terrible. It hurt him. He viewed it as his flaw, not as some type of shtark success to be trumpeted and crowed about. He was happy when he could find was to be lenient, find loopholes to help people, and he tried to think of the good Jewish people as a whole, not just of the comfort of tha small haredi community.

    But you and your brother and your rabbis for the most part don't do this. You lack not only Rav Moshe's greatness, you lack his kindness and his humanity. And one of the most shameful things about this is that neither you or your brother or your rabbis have any idea what that means.

  52. I don't moderate comments, Daniel, as you well know. But you do. And you knowing allowed a false and defamatory comment about me to be posted.

    Past that, I'm the guy who exposed Deborah Feldman. I exposed the ambush of Rabbi Norman Lamm by the Forward. I'm the guy who said it was illegal to do that to a vulnerable adult and reported it. I'm also the guy who has exposed several other similar things – in other words, despite all my 'anti-haredi' 'anti-Orthodox' reporting, I have also broken some of the most pro-haredi and pro-Orthodox stories of the past decade.

    I detest Satmar but I exposed Feldman's lies about it. Do you understand that? Do you understand I got threatened for doing it, that it cost me money? But it was the truth, and my job is to report the truth.

    I've done that type of reporting over and over and over again.

    When Newsweek/The Daily Beast asked me to write about Israel and Iran last year, what I wrote shocked many of my readers. Why? Because I argued that Israel was facing an existential threat and in the end, it had to make the decision on whether to strike Iran based on its best understanding of that threat and not on US or other understandings.

    I'm supposed to be a huge Obama supporter, but in the past month or so, I wrote two long, detailed anti-Obama pieces that shocked many of my haredi readers.

    When have you ever published a piece criticizing haredi theology? When have you ever looked at a manmade problem like get-refusal and extortion and criticized rabbis for failing to find a way around it? When have you ever openly criticized any of your rabbis?

    The answer is, you never have, and understand it or not, that is not a virtue.

  53. No, Daniel. None of those people are your rabbis. None of those posts took a totem of your world and smashed it. And your Tropper post almost killed the Tropper story, at least as wide coverage went. I know this is a bit beyond you, but newspapers and magazines require fact-checking and editing and vetting with attorneys, all of which takes time. And your 'scoop' almost killed the work I did before you that was published and picked up widely.

    You live in a tiny little bubble,a circle-jerk with your few friends and readers, and you think it's the real world. But it isn't.

    Now lets be clear. You moderate comments. Yet you allowed a commenter to anonymously post a false and defamatory comment about me after (note that word: after) I warned you that it was false and defammatory. I also warned you that this commenter has falsely defamed many other people across the Web, and that he is a well-known liar.

    That makes you a willing accomplice in the defamation, Daniel, with all the consequences that implies.

  54. The nerve of Shmarya to claim that he does not moderate comments. He follows Charedi commentators, who he labels "trolls", like a hawk, and the second many (though not all of them) intelligently articulate views he doesn't want aired, especially if it pulls the rug out from under one of his agendas, he blocks their IP. If he catches the comment quickly enough before it is widely read, he also deletes the comment.

    And don't believe his "constructive criticism" of Obama. While criticizing the Egomaniac-in-Chief / Secular Messiah for sitting back while ISIS starved to death 1000s of Yazidis surrounded on a mountain, Shmarya made sure to emphasize in his pathetic editorial: "OBAMA REALLY IS A NICE MAN".

    That was only a slight pause from Shmarya's latest agenda of bashing Israel for "war crimes". The NICE MAN must agree since no Muslim atrocities seem to bother him but he is ENRAGED at Bibi for talking back to the buffoon John Kerry.

  55. I was saying to force her to go to a real beis din. If she fabricated a beis din she must be afraid to go to a real one!!

  56. Apart from Shmarya's exposes, he has certainly defamed people in other instances.

    If anyone thinks I am lying about Shmarya's Monsey episode, first start by asking the former faculty under Tropper if he was briefly at Kol Yaakov in the early 1980s.

  57. Shmarya - you have the only delete key for defamatory comments posted on your blog that you fail to use. Yet here you criticize others for failing to censor the very defamatory comments you allow to indefinitely remain on your own blog.

  58. Besides your evident illness and your repeated lies, you're simply wrong. I don't moderate comments. I don't clear every or most or even many comments before they post, and I rarely remove comments or ban anyone. But if some repeatedly lies and smears people and tries to harm them – which is what you did years ago – you get banned, just as people who post pretending to be a known person or a certain type of person when they are not in order to hurt people (sockpuppeting) get banned.

    There are tons of haredim who post on my sit,e and almost all are viciously critical of what I write and of me personally. And they don't get banned and I almost never challenge their comments.

    You are a sick, evil little man.

  59. While I think it is slightly entertaining, in the Jerry Springer sense, to watch Rav Eidensohn and Shmarya hurl insults at each other, it really accomplishes nothing, nor does it further the converstation.

    @Daas Torah Why don't you simply answer his question about an innocent woman who is being extorted?

    @Shmarya Do you admit that your reporting on the Rivka Stein affair may have included some innaccuracies? What innocent women have the Rabbis Eidensohn demonized? What halakhic authorities do you rely upon to make your proclamations?

    If we can get those questions answered then perhaps this discussion will be somewhat productive.

  60. Gentlemen, please stop calling each other "sick, evil", etc"
    debate should be done as it would be in front of a live audience, respectfully.

  61. @Shmary I don't know that the comment is false and defamatory. It is strange that you let a comment like this get you highy agitated - but supporting Yoel Wiess' wife lies and slander against her husband is something you think is find and even laudatory.

    Why don't you acknowledge that you were wrong about Yoel Weiss and publish a retraction and apology/

  62. When have you ever published a piece criticizing haredi theology? When have you ever looked at a manmade problem like get-refusal and extortion and criticized rabbis for failing to find a way around it? When have you ever openly criticized any of your rabbis?

    No, Daniel. None of those people are your rabbis. None of those posts took a totem of your world and smashed it.

    @Shmarya - your comment again is nonsense. Your claims seems to be if I criticize a rabbi that proves that he is not part of my world. In fact the rabbis I have criticized are very much part of my world.

  63. @Rabbi Tzadok - I didn't answer it for the siimple reason because he is refusing to answer my question of why he didn't acknowledge that he errored.

    His raising this question is part of his smoke screen that false accusations, non existed beis din, Epstein style torture is all legitimate because the rabbis are ignoring the problem.

    When he answers my question I will be willing to discuss other issues.

  64. Ask your attorney, Daniel. Perhaps you'll learn something.

    As for the rest of your BS, a woman wants a divorce. Her husband refuses to give it to her.

    She says he's abusive and thief.

    You do NOT know that is false.

    She wan't a divorce. Her husband won't give it to her.

    You believe the husband is entitled to refuse to give that divorce pretty much for as long as he wants to.

    You also specialize in doing everything you can possible do to demonize women like this, and you have no solution for cases in which an innocent women (note that word: innocent) are being extorted for tens opt even hundreds of thousands of dollars by their recalcitrant husbands.

    If Rivky Stein finds her hus band repulsive and wants a divorce, and adamantly refuses to live with him, what right does anyone have to force her to?

    Any thoughts?

    You are an evil, sick man.

  65. Part of your world? In what sense? That you're all one big happy haredi family?

    You criticize haredi rabbis who you oppose or who your rabbis oppose.

  66. @Shmarya - again you are refusing to answer my direct question. Furthermore you are not aware of the facts.

    Yoel has repeated stated he is willing to give his wife a divorce. Divorce requires some serious negotiations. He would like to have equitable custody arrangements.

    What is your solution for a man whose wife runs away with the children and denies her husband access to them and at the same time is slandering him through facebook and news media?.

    What is your solution when a rich wife initiates a war of attrition with a lawsuit and other claims in secular court - a tactic which causes him to have legal fees of hundreds of thousands of dollars. He can give up his children to save money or he can bankupt himself. Do you think he has a right to demand she pay the legal fees which were entirely unnecessary?

    What is a husband supposed to do when his wife is falsely claming that he is sexually abusing the children and beating her. As a result of the claims he is thrown in jail repeatedly and has very limited access to his own children.

    Why are you insisting that it is Yoel who is being difficult about the divorce when the facts clearly indicate the opposite?

  67. @shmary - you are setting up a ridiculous circular argument - if I criticize them then they can't be part of my world.

  68. My solution is that a get should never be allowed to used as an instrument of extortion and neither should child custody.

    Secular courts aren't perfect, but they usually try to avoid using the children as pawns for either side.

    A halakhic prenup can deal with much of this. But like almost everything else that helps people, you oppose it.

  69. No. I'm pointing out that you don't criticize rabbis who you are close to, you criticize like you do women who just don't want to married to husbands anymore.

  70. @Shmarya - you keep going in circles. Anything rather than answer my original question - why do you refuse to admit you are wrong and that your slander of Yoel Weiss is wrong.

  71. Daniel,

    She wants a divorce. For whatever reasons, she finds him repulsive. He has consistently refused to give her ager, and is using that get to extort her. This has been going on for many, many months.

    Was the beit din she tried to get him to come to a month ago real?

    You say no.

    I say maybe. Why?

    Because the haredi world is littered with dozens of cases where rabbis sign proclamations and then later say they didn't do it, where rabbis order a follower to take a certain action and then later claim they didn't order it, etc. I've seen it happen with my own two eyes, and I've reported on many other cases.

    Why do these leading rabbis deny they did or said or signed something?

    Most often because they've been threatened by haredi thugs.

    So I take certain rabbinic claims with a large grain of salt.

    But even if Rivky faked having a beit din, the fact remains that she has openly sought a divorce for many, many months and Weiss has refused to give it to her.

    You see this as Rivky's problem and an outgrowth of her allegedly unreasonable behavior.

    Most of the world, myself included, see it as her husband's boorish, thuggish behavior. He wants a certain deal and he's extorting her until he gets it.

    You think that is justified. I don't.

    Did Weiss hold her captive? Did he beat her? Was he abusive and extremely con trolly and emotionally cold? Is he a thief and a crook? Does he run roughshod over halakha to steal what he wants?

    Those are (paraphrased) the allegations Rivky makes about him.

    Do you know them to be false?

    Because unless you have clear and absolute proof they are, halakhicly you have leave open the possibility some or all of them are true.

    But despite the fact that you don't have proof those allegations are false, you ignore them.

    You also ignore the fact that regardless of what Rivky is or isn't, there are many other women who are unquestionably innocent but who are being extorted by their recalcitrant husbands. You have no solution for that problem. Your brother has no solution for that problem. Your rabbis have no solution for that problem.

    And like I said before, that's in part why you deny the problem exists.

  72. @Shmarya - I am not denying problems exists - the point is in this case her concern is not with obtaining a get but with destroying him. Please see the court paper and the court's view of her credibility.

    If she had gone to a real beis din and demanded a get and he refused to give her a get as ordered by beis din - then I would agree with your last comments.

    The facts in this case she went to secular court for a $480 RICO claim, She went for maximum publicity on facebook and secular media. She went to a phony beis din and yet insisted repeatedly that it is real etc etc.

    Bottom line - in this case she is a liar and you are not willing to admit that you have publicized her views as is - without any indication that she is lying. If you go to her facebook page - you will see her former followers who were rabid haters of Yoel - now attacking her. Why aren't you acknowledging on your blog that she has been lying? Where is your integrity and concern for reporting the truth? Why don't you at least publish your last comment where you admit she might be lying?

  73. She went to a secular court after he refused to give the get. The incident with the latest beit din happened later.

    As for the other cases where a recalcitrant husband is extorting his wife, what are your solutions? Do you have any?

    Or are you simply viewing these poor women as the collateral damage of halakha?

  74. She went to secular court and skipped going to beis din.

  75. Again, for the umpteenth time, I was not there. I have never been to Monsey. I have never been in Tropper's yeshiva and I never studied there. You have been making these false accusations all over the Web for months. None of your supposed sources ever come forward and use their real names and none of Tropper's faculty do, either.

    You're like the crazy people who claim I used to live in Rubashkin's basement and drive one of his cars and that Rubashkin fed me and clothed me and gave me spending money. Every single claim is false.

    Or the people who claim I live in my mother's basement, etc. Again, false.

    The sickness of you and the people who enable you and your lies

  76. Do you think assault and related crimes have to be vetted with a beit din or with a haredi rabbi before being reported toy police or otherwise legally acted on?

  77. If she fabricated a beis din she must be afraid to go to a real one!!

    True. Now what?

    force her to go to a real beis din.

    How can this be accomplished. She prepared her meal, now it's left for her to eat it. She chose this shameful campaign over going to real and legitimate Beis Din. She chose going to court over going to a real and legitimate Beis Din. Now, she'll have to live with the courts rulings.

    However, her very first step, and the very first step of her advocates is to issue a public apology. Until then, what in the world are they commenting about?

  78. Shmarya's FM blog has at various times spewed out torrents of some of
    the most venomous anti-semitism that can be found anywhere on the
    Internet. The SS (super scoundrel) man Shmarya would bring joy to the heart of Nazi Minister of Propaganda Goebbel with the vicious anti-Semitic propaganda tirades on his Failed Messiah site.

    The FM comments section has characterized Chareidi Jews as cancers, animals, scum, filth, enemies, terrorists, etc., while defending every perverted, evil leftist cause under the sun. Some FM commenters have even expressed hope for the liquidation of all Chareidim.

    Goyish Nazis, after seeing the FM website, must be drooling with jealousy due to the inadequacy of their own websites.

  79. Shmarya

    There are very credible people recounting your inconvenient old Monsey history. Where do you want the rabbis to verify you were briefly in Kol Yaakov - on the blog? Please.

    As far as the prominent witness to your little violent fit of rock hurling off Maple Ave and Tropper begging the police to have mercy on you, you said yourself on FM that if the person comes forward publicly he is opening himself up to blogged attack by you and a possible lawsuit. The lawsuit is just bluster on your part. You don't have so much as a pot to relieve yourself in and you stand more to lose by having your history be put on public display in a court of law.

    Now stop pretending you are the champion of the downtrodden. You are a miserable old bachelor who is trying to destroy the Jewish institution of marriage if anything. Every couple of years you dredge up that fantasy of Jewish early Medieval men marrying gentile women in large numbers. You know it is a lie but you are constantly transmitting subliminal messages to convince your contemporaries to do the same.

    Jewish World weekly blogger profile

    Shmarya Rosenberg, FailedMessiah

    Now that you are single and secular would you marry out?


    This is your depraved existence. Sitting at all hours at a computer growing ever obese to dig dirt, taking breaks to stuff your multiple chins with chazir treif Chinese food. What a farce that you told the NY1 reporter you avoid shellfish when pork is a staple of Chinese food. In your loathing of halacha, which you were always ignorant of, how do you have the gall to lecture others about it?

  80. Because you have no examples? Then why make the claim?

  81. Well, that's what she alleges Weiss did.

  82. Alleges with a long history of false accusations against him, and other people.

    Any valid B"D or responsible reporter would take that into account.

  83. You are sick, evil person. I was never in Monsey. I never was in Tropper's yeshiva. I never stoned a shul.

    And when I and most of the world sees behavior like yours and Eidensohn's, they run away. They find you repulsive and sick and evil. And so do I.

  84. @Shmarya - why use the term evil for comments about yourself - but find nothing wrong about making nasty judgments about others - even when the evidence doesn't justify it.

  85. @shmarya but the judge didn't believe her regarding order of protection and there is no evidence to support her allegations. A responsible reporter with integrity would at least acknowledge that.

  86. Please. You're an ass. What I write, I can prove. As for her order of protection, I suggest you look up the laws involved and do your homework.

  87. @Shmarya -. I would suggest you read the court documents instead of continuing to make a fool of yourself.

  88. FM calls Goel Ratzon a neo Hassid, so he has news against a chareidi, he then says go look up the meaning of neo.
    Bottom line is: Goel Ratzon, has nothing to do with hasidism, he even has a pony tail, and doesn't cover his head, he only had woman followers who'm he was in bed with, the boys were his kids through those ladies.He was a cult leader of Yemenite origin.
    The reason FM calls him a neo-hassid is to attack chareidim, and add him to the list.
    FM has come more & more repulsive as time goes on. Years back I would comment there under an alias called Loshon Hora, at one point I commented this is my last comment & never returned.
    From his site & comments it is pretty obvious that he suffers from being a psychopath, & sociopath. Unfortunately there is no known cure for those mental disorders. Debating him will land you nowhere, because he has an agenda, & you don't exsist

  89. Although I haven't gotten too involved in recent discussions, one thing I learned over the past few years talkbacking here. R' Daniel Eidensohn's brother, i.e. R' David Eidensohn, although fully fledged hareidi and not always in agreement with a radically left of MO such as myself, is quite learned, intelligent, and experienced in life, and has good advice to give on many matters. I remember he was sometimes attacked even by other hareidim on a number of issues, usually for simply citing sources, whether in the Talmud or the TeNach. I remember on one specific occasion he made a remark that had I made it would be my left wing apikorsus - ie that in the Tenach there was patrilineal descent, Slhomo's Ammonitess wife's son was Rehavam Hamelech.
    Simply attacking someone because they hold a different view is not good practice, or ethical.
    As for Rivky, it is quite clear, with overwhelming evidence that her claims are largely fradulent, as was her alleged BD.

  90. It seems from where I am sitting that only one side is calling the other "sick and evil". And don't hold your breath when asking that side to engage in respectful debate!

  91. There's something I've never understood about renegades like FM who are so indignant when demanding that a husband give his wife a get (even in cases where it is not required and could well be invalid if given under coercion). If obeying the Halacha is not a valid defence against FM's wrath, then why doesn't he direct it against the wife, who is obstinately refusing to remarry because she lacks a worthless piece of paper? After all, it's not the husband's fault that his wife buys in to Judaism's belief system! And if the wife cannot be blamed because she's been "brainwashed" into following the Torah, then why should the husband be any more guilty? Is FM sexist in assuming that נשים דעתן קלות?

  92. are my comments being deleted again?

  93. "Everyone" must be just flocking around Shmarya with his lovely charisma as he hurls childish insults at anyone he disagrees with, like "little man" and vulgar references to private parts of anatomy. It sure isn't the fact that his grandfather was gangster Leon Gleckman, or that he didn't stop blogging venom even when he should have been sitting shiva for his mother or that he tries his best to undermine every concept in Judaism, the latest being the FM post today on Rosh Hashana.

    Too bad for Scott Shmarya Rosenberg that his Monsey secret is now out of the bag no matter how much he howls in denial.

    Now stop lying that you don't block people from posting on your website. There are more than can be counted from Ariel and Avrohom to more much more articulate critics who scare you when they use cogent arguments to refute your malicious, calculated attacks on Judaism.

  94. You give RDE too much credit in this post. Here is what is actually going on. They went to a totally legitimate beis din which is composed of numerous qualified rabbanim for gittin and there is a manager of the beis din who gets three of them together when needed for a Get or whatever (standard Beis din procedure). Two of them came after Tisha Bav (abales and goodman). Goodman was interviewed by the Jewish Channel and was flown in by Rivky's side from California. The last judge was Taub who was sitting Shiva in Israel. He is a cousin of the Kaliver Rebbe (also named Taub). All this evidence is in the videos that RDE himself posted - but he is too blind to see it (you can even see the judges walking out of the building!).

    In terms of court documents check out the document on Rivky's site from the mediator. It is an incredible indictment against Yoel and the only response from RDE is that he never heard of the mediator so he must not have credentials (I'm not making this up... apparently RDE has heard of every dayan and mediator in the world). Also you have to listen to the recordings of Yoel if you really want to know who you are dealing with here.

    RDE has one piece of evidence to back up his claim. It is an affadavit that he got from Yoel that is signed by a guy who claims to be named abales and it basically states that right after tisha bav Rivky's side tried to get him to stand in as a fake dayan because they had forged the whole thing and they needed a guys to stand in as a pretend dayan. The guy refused to do it - so he says in the affadavit. I couldn't even understand the affadavit at first because you have to be completely absorbed in RDE's conspiracy theories to even know what exactly was being claimed. So basically we have a choice. A) Yoel or someone on his side forged an affadavit or B) Rivky single handedly created a fake beis din and was able to somehow fool literally dozens of people including several reporters her brother and the Rabbis and sofrim who all showed up and somehow no one suspected or realized anything except for RDE who is blogging from thousands of miles away! Take your pick.

  95. @eLamdan - please provide some evidence that Rivky showed up on the 10th of av with 3 dayanim who were qualified for gittin. Please provide evidence that even 2 of the original beis din showed up.

    Finally - Yoel said repeatedly that he thought the beis din was phony but that if it turned out not to be he would give her a get. Why didn't Rivky produce proof that at least 2 were the original beis din? Why didn't she ask for a delay so that the third dayan could be there?

    In short you keep repeating the same nonsense.

  96. many people mesiach l'fi tumam in the videos stating that 2 of the three were there is not evidence? Men who appear to be dayanim walking out is not evidence? Identifiying one dayan as a relative of the Kaliver Rebbe is not evidence? Identifying where exactly one dayan was flown in from is not evidence. Remember, all these conversations and footage are taking place l'fi tumam. No one appears at all to be trying to hide anything nor is anyone acting the least bit suspicious. It severely weakens your case because if none of these people are in on the hoax it makes it harder and harder to believe that Rivky could have pulled this off.

  97. There is nothing legitimate about a B"D that tries a man in abstentia k'neged halakha, and places him in niduy k'negad halakha. Who, in the video Rivky's own brother admits is operating k'neged halakha because it is "too hard" to get the results she wants within the bounds of halakah.

    Any B"D that knowingly violates halakha has no standing as a B"D.

  98. @elamdan - your comments are getting more problematic. Please produce the three dayanim with their qualifications - stop the nonsense that people said there were 2 dayanim when others admitted that they were not there. Nobody has heard of these dayanim. Your evidence is no evidence.

  99. "Instead you jump on your horse..."

    OMG if he did that his horse would be crushed and nearly split in 2!

    i couldn't resist!

    anyway as entertaining as this is its exactly why i closed my facebook account. this back and forth with goofballs took up all my time and spent a lot of energy while i could be doing other things.

    at the same time i realized it had turned me into a goofball!

    i learned a long time ago from an old friend who would reasonably debate or discuss issues with almost anybody. as soon as they stepped out of the bounds of reason he would just stop discussing and refuse to go on any longer in the conversation and the topic either had to be changed or there was nothing more to talk about.

    i respected that so much and it took me probably more then 15 years to even start to actually incorporate it into my life. but thank G-d for that lesson in action it made a lasting impression on me and i always wanted to achieve it and i hope i have come close to it now.

    now for Shmarya i can understand it cause he's rightfully eternally single and its probably the only thing that can help him loose weight cause when his hands r applied to the keyboard he can't use them to stuff his mouth full of pizza. (ouch i know but again i couldn't resist! i expect this post will not pass but who knows).

    but u Mr Daas Torah don't u have a wife and family? how do u have so much free time to do this typical youngster back and forth Facebook style nonsense? i mean clearly if u don't eat u will become emaciated.

  100. If they stated Mickey Mouse was there doesn't make it so. And if someone dressed like a mouse walks out of the building it doesn't prove it is Walt Disney's original character. And if someone says it is Minnie Mouse's brother that proves nothing.

  101. Another major point to make about Shmarya's shnorring is that he raked in money from readers for the specific purpose of traveling to Sholom Rubashkin's trial in the Dakotas. Whether or not it was a premeditated fraud or if he had a legitimate last minute emergency why he couldn't make it, Shmarya never returned the monies as far as I know despite that the appeal stated the money was for that specific purpose.

    It also takes a "special" kind of person like Shmarya who pounded Rubashkin, day in day out for years, despite having stuffed his face & boich for perhaps even longer when he used to be a guest at Rubashkin's table for Shabbos & Yomtov meals when Rubashkin lived in Minnesota.

  102. So I assume you're posting a "greatest hits" collection to determine which should go into this book you've been offered to publish.
    Not that my opinion matters much but I think you've already published the books that will define your legacy.
    In the history of this blog, there have been two kinds of posts - one where you raise a halakhic issue and then provide multiple sources discussing it. The second is where you pick an issue and rant about it - Trump, that fake divorce, Tropper, etc. Will people 10 years from now want to read about a disgraced rabbi from the early 00's or a divorce scandal that really didn't set the Jewish world on fire? Is there a shortage of Trump-is-Hitler material out there that needs your help building itself up?


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