Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rav Perlow - head of Aguda - condemns Reform, Conservative & Open Orthodox Movements

Forward   The leading rabbi of Agudath Israel of America, the ultra-Orthodox umbrella group, condemned non-Orthodox streams of Judaism and called the religiously progressive Open Orthodox movement heretical at the group’s annual gala.

“The Torah must be guarded from the secular forces that seek to corrupt its values and the lives of [Jews], from intruders who sometimes in the name of Judaism completely subvert and destroy the eternal values of our people,” said Rabbi Yaakov Perlow, the Novominsker rebbe and the rabbinical head of Agudath Israel, at the May 27 dinner.[...]

NY Times   Tests of courage are found in unexpected places.

On Tuesday night, Mayor Bill de Blasio attended a gala for Agudath Israel of America, a premier event for the black-hat leaders of the ultra-Orthodox Jews of New York. The mayor is a gregarious fellow, and as my colleague Sharon Otterman reported, he chatted and joked on the dais with numerous rabbis, some of whom endorsed his mayoral campaign.

Let’s assume the best. Perhaps the mayor was enjoying himself too much to listen as Rabbi Yaakov Perlow, a top rabbi with Agudath Israel, delivered keynote remarks laced with Yiddish and Hebrew words.

Rabbi Perlow offered a shower of condemnation for Reform and Conservative Jews, who he said were among those who “subvert and destroy the eternal values of our people.” These movements, he said, “have disintegrated themselves, become oblivious, fallen into an abyss of intermarriage and assimilation.”

“They will be relegated,” he added, “to the dustbins of Jewish history.”

This was a striking statement because a majority of the Jews in this city identify as non-Orthodox. The mayor himself proudly celebrates his own mixed-race marriage. [...]


  1. Asher Pihem Diber ShavMay 29, 2014 at 2:51 PM

    Although Agudah is correct about the problems of open orthodoxy, this is NOT the problem they should be speaking about. It is comparable to someone rushed into the emergency room with chest pains, and they decide to operate on an ingrown toenail. Here are some things Agudah should be talking about!!!!!

    1. The poor.
    2. The poor. How to help them
    3. The poor. How to marry off kids without money.
    4. Shiduchim. Judgements
    5. Judgements. Kids at risk. Drugs
    6. Abuse. Sexual abuse. Looking in the mirror
    7. Illegal activities. Chillul HaShem

    Anyone who is busy with the "open orthodoxy" clearly has too much free time on their hands, which means they aren't busy enough with 1-7.

    There is no open orthodox crisis!! When was the last time a yeshiva student from any litvish/chassidish yeshiva decided to join their movement ? When was the last time a Beis Yaakov/ Beis Rochel/ Beis Rivka girl decided to put on Tefillin ? Is this some type of joke ? Are the "leaders" so out of touch with the needs of our community ? Are they raising funds for the poor, or is their primary focus building new buildings ?

    Att: Gevirim: Give to the unorganized poor, not the organized rich. These people have no clue to the needs of the Hamon Am.

  2. Tzadok is obviously now totally controlling this blog.

  3. Stan - the problem is that you think that you should be controlling this blog. When I tell you I am not posting material regarding a certain topic you repeatedly send in comments which are repeatedly rejected. Why don't you make your own blog instead of worrying as tto who is the puppet and who is the puppet master?

  4. Yeah, let Open Orthodoxy roam free poaching Modern Orthodox in out of town communities to join their non-Orthodox OO movement. Why worry about it? There's bigger fish to fry, right? Don't sweat the small stuff. So a few MOs will become OO apikorsum if no one speaks up. Not the end of the world, is it.

  5. Why not condem messira

  6. Tzadok said he had to approve some of the comments and you sent them to him. True or not?

  7. I find it strange that you dont post about a get meuseh forced through the courts. Dont you believe it happened?

  8. You have failed to answer whether tzadok was sent posts for approval as he alleged. At least be honest and apologize. Frankly this is a disgrace.

  9. Perhaps the "conspiracy theory" has gone too far - Rabbinut ->Ramatz->DT blog... What next? Military Industrial Complex? JFK?

  10. Garnel IronheartMay 29, 2014 at 8:53 PM

    Yes, OO poaching MO is smaller fish than the epidemic of children in UO yeshivos and homes being physically and sexually abused.

  11. I reiterate you have admitted by failure to deny that you sent tzadok posts to either approve or delete. Rather unfathomable given tzadoks history of not always presenting facts accurately.

  12. No it isn't. The former is picking up steam while the latter is an extreme rarity as much as you might deny it.

  13. More to the point - this is a positive development (from my POV). A few years back, YU and MO were being grouped with Conservative. Now, they recognize Yu is Orthodox, and indeed YU are also critical of the extreme end of OO (open O).

  14. Moe, I speak to some former UO's who are now OTDs. They talk about abuse, cover ups etc. These OTDs become atheists, they curse Hashem, just in case He exists. To me, that entire outcome of UO is much worse than OO.

  15. Asher Pihem Diber ShavMay 30, 2014 at 2:48 AM


    Tell me you're kidding. Agudah is now is out to prevent MO's from OO ? Is everyone blind ? Or am I the only one who sees us focusing on everyone, other than the real needs of our community. We have oorah to help people send to MO Yeshivos, just not to public schools (While of course our Yeshivos, wouldn't accept them). The poor. We have Nechamas Yisroel for Russians in Israel. The poor. Bonei Olam for the unborn. The poor. We have new construction spending 10's of millions each year to prop up mosdos' coffers. The poor. Did anyone forget the poor ? Hello !!!! The poor who can't afford yeshiva tuition !!! The poor who can't be meshadech their kids !!!! The poor who are hungry!!! Or do yeshivas need a new 16 million or 26 million dollar buildings/museums?? The mosdos have NO oversight !!!!! Hello !!!! Anyone ??? Perhaps an organization just to oversee ALL mosdos funds !!!! An accountability crisis !!! A website which calls people to task on public money !!!! To educate Mosdos that money donated, IS public money !!!!!!! Hey Agudah !!! That's a real topic!!! Or perhaps we just need another (boogeyman), and convene Klal Yisroel to let everyone know that we are better than him/them.

  16. I disagree! Open orthodoxy is a clear and present danger to our mesorah. However, I feel that the Agudah has been attacking the problem head on instead of seeing the forest for the trees. For too long the party line has been that people only go OTD because of family problems, lack of hatzlacha in learning...Here are some of the issues that threaten the yeshiva world and orthodoxy today:
    -A lack of bein adam lichaveiro
    -An apparent inverse relationship between level of yeshivishness and menchlichkeit.
    -Fighting within the ranks (rebbes and rabonim)
    -The expenses of keeping up with chumros and hiddurim

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  18. Is housing a sub category of poor or did you miss that one. I think housing should be no. 1. Before poor. PS Anyone got an extra apt. in NY we can stay at for a few weeks.

  19. When I was an orthodox frummie I considered any sect that wasn't orthodox to be heretical.

  20. Grandma in FlatbushMay 30, 2014 at 7:14 PM

    Amen, brother. I would put dishonesty first, but I'm just nit picking.

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