Tuesday, May 19, 2020

What are President Trump's charges against the WHO?


US President Donald Trump says the World Health Organization (WHO) has mismanaged and helped to cover up the spread of the coronavirus after it emerged in China.
But the WHO has defended its handling of the early stages of the pandemic.
We've been looking at some of the charges President Trump has levelled against the WHO.

Claim 4

"One of the most dangerous decisions... from the WHO was... to oppose travel restrictions. They actually fought us."
The US restricted travel from China and other countries from 2 February.
But there is no record of the WHO publicly criticising this move.
And it would have been highly unusual for it to do so.


  1. Garnel IronheartMay 19, 2020 at 3:35 PM

    The same BBC which routinely ignores Arab terrorist attacks against Israel and once famously mislabelled an attack on a shul in Jerusalem as an attack on a mosque but hey, they're anti-Trump so this time they're accurate?
    All the BBC's "refutations" are wrong. From the beginning the WHO accepted China's numbers and demands to avoid a travel ban without question. The WHO did oppose travel bans when they were first suggested in January, even as China imposed an internal one.
    Sorry, just being anti-Trump doesn't make one not a liar.

  2. even the BBC CNN NYT even Fox News is correct sometimes - being anti trump doesn't mean being incapable of rational evaluation
    nor does being anti semitic or Zionistic .
    Sorry to state the obvious
    You need to know what are the facts not to simply dismiss them as being inherently biased
    That is Trump's Fake News approach.

  3. Garnel IronheartMay 19, 2020 at 5:04 PM

    Except that these days being anti-Trump does exclude rational evaluation.
    In January there were calls for travel bans. China opposed them, while establishing internal travel bans. The WHO opposed them, calling them racist and stigmatizing.
    This article adjusts history by saying the WHO didn't oppose them in February. At that time the bans had already been in place around the globe. In January, however, they did oppose them.

  4. Garnel IronheartMay 19, 2020 at 5:31 PM


  5. please show evidence that WHO opposed travel bans because they were racist and stigmatizing !
    I could only find them claiming it would not work - which is true especially when there were so many loopholes in the so called ban - it was really just a minor restriction.

  6. WHAT RELEVANCY DOES THIS HAVE FOR YOUR CLAIM that WHO opposed China Ban as racist and not because it would not be effective?

    You find a single opinion piece attacking a member of WHO for being pro chinese -n ot very impressive after your constant screeds - that is your best evidence?!

  7. Garnel IronheartMay 19, 2020 at 6:18 PM

    It supports my position that the WHO is a lapdog for China.

  8. Garnel IronheartMay 19, 2020 at 6:19 PM

    Didn't you just publish a piece from Politico proving my point?

  9. no it doesnt

    you have made many claims
    don't see the supporting evidence

  10. Claiming that travel bans are "not effective" is one of the most nonsensical, Orwellian, political-driven statements that it is possible to make.
    This type of commentary is at a level of dishonesty that makes it comparable to the disciplines of "Gender studies" and Critical Race Theory. It is nothing more than globalist dogma that contradicts, omits, and ignores hard science. And it is designed to protect the status quo, not to protect populations against infectious disease or to tell the truth.
    Using the idea that certain types of travel bans are incomplete and therefore "don't work" against a pandemic is a straw man argument. The more complete it is, the better it works. Even an incomplete ban, MITIGATES the spread of the virus by MITIGATING introductions from external visitors. If you limit these importations of additional cases, you mitigate spread.
    This is why Israel did mandatory 14-day quarantines of all foreign entries. This is why South Korea, New Zealand, and so many others implemented similar border control efforts and successfully contained and halted the spread of the virus, keeping death numbers relatively very low in their countries. Halevai that the whole world had adopted strict border control immediately when China banned all travel between its provinces but continued to allow travel out of the country!

    Saying Trump's China travel ban "won't work" is like saying washing hands doesn't work because it doesn't completely eradicate the virus from a population. Or masks don't work because it doesn't instantly halt all cases and all transmissions. Only a knave (or the politically motivated) would say things like this. Wearing masks, washing hands, limiting travel from hotspots into your country - These all mitigate transmission.

    Notice that the genetically traced origin of cases in the NYC outbreak are mainly from Iran and Italy. NOT China. The crisis could have been much worse in NYC if there had been many more cases from China seeded into the population in early February and March, to add to all the others. Remember, a virus spreads exponentially.

    WHO is wrong and does not base itself on science.

    Fauci has said a hundred times already that the China travel bans helped the US avoid a bigger problem. He's not saying that for kicks and giggles, it's because it's true.

  11. The claimed as a matter of principle that bans don't work during pandemic, which is NOT true.
    They make this claim to protect china's interests and their own.
    But our experience in THIS pandemic, in MANY countries has just proven this ridiculous concept pushed by WHO false in real-time, right in front of our eyes. They can't make this fallacious claim anymore.

  12. trump didn't ban he made restrictions and once virus entered country bans dont work!

    again where is your supporting evidence?

  13. but trump never delivered a real ban it was just a political act!

    if travel restrictions bought time for hospitals\ the time was squandered by claims that the restrictions were stopping the virus - which They clearly did not - that is not the fault o fWHO Obama or the Democrats or even the FBI


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