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Schlesinger Twins: Excerpts from court documents regarding Dr. Schlesinger

The following are excerpts from court documents relating to Dr Schlesinger's attempt to have his wife committed to a mental hospital falsely claiming she was a paranod schizophrenic and  that he was a psychiatrist. There are a number of facts cited from documents which clearly indicate problems with Dr. Schlesinger - that were ignored by the judge who awarded him custody.

Failure of the courts to take any account of Schlesinger’s abuse of the mother and its traumatising effect on the children
  1. Not only did Schlesinger enlist his friend, high court Judge Konstanz Thau to assist him in wresting the children from my care, he also manipulated his medical friend and colleague, Dr Paul Földes, head of psychiatry in the Wilheminen Hospital where the father was doing his traineeship to support Schlesinger´s plan to falsely diagnose me and have me sectioned.
  2. Göttlicher held a hearing on 9 August 2011 to hear the witnesses – police officers, police psychiatrist and paramedics who were present the day the father tried to commit me to a mental hospital. After hearing their evidence, Göttlicher could have been in no doubt that I was not mentally ill and the diagnosis was fabricated by the father and his friend and colleague with whom he colluded, Paul Földes. In fact Göttlicher herself stated the following in her order granting the father unsupervised access, 31.7.2010:
Die Feststellungen, zum Umstand, dass haben weder Amtsarztin noch einschreitender Sanitater einer psychischen Erkrankrung der Mutter sahen, stutz sich zum einem auf vorliegenden Polizeibericht samt amtsartzlicher Bescheinigung nach $ 6 UbG, ON 3, sowie auf die zeugenschgaftlichen Einvernahmen dieser beiden Personen im Scheidungsverfahren der Streitteile”
It can be concluded that neither the police psychiatrist, not the paramedics that were present saw any indication of mental illness in the mother, which is supported by the documented police reports, the medical report by the police psychiatrist, as well as their witness testimonies in the process of the divorce proceedings.”

Witness testimony of events of 11.2.2010 and 16.2.2010

  1. Statement by the police psychiatrist, Dr Schreitl:
Es ist richtig, es war ein Bekannter des Ehemannes, ein Psychiater (anm. Dr. Földes), dabei, der auch sagte, dass die Frau eingewiesen gehört. Der war auch vor Ort. … Ich habe danach auch noch am Gang mit ihm gesprochen und habe ihn gefragt, wie er auf die Idee kommt. Er sagte mir, dass er die Geschichte nur vom Ehemann weiß und dass er selbst die Frau nicht exploriert hat. …. Ich habe ihn darauf hingewiesen, dass er sich zunächst selbst ein psychiatrisches Bild zu machen hat.“
Ich war daraufhin nicht unbedingt freundlichen am Gang. Ich habe ihn auf seine Kompetenzen als Psychiater hingewiesen und darauf, dass er ein Facharzt ist, dass man so fachkundig nicht vorgehen kann, und dass er nahe am Rufmord vorbeischrammt. …. Ich habe ihn darauf hingewiesen, dass er sich zunächst selbst ein psychiatrisches Bild zu machen hat.“
Translation: “It is true that there was a colleague of the father, a psychiatrist (Dr Földes) there, who also stated that the wife must be sectioned. He was also there...I then spoke to him in the corridor and asked him how he came to such a conclusion. He told me that he knew the story from the husband but that he himself had not examined the wife.......I told him that he was then obliged to carry out his own psychiatric assessment.
I wasn't completely unfriendly after that. I questioned his competence as a psychiatrist and said that as a specialist, such an expert he could not behave in that way and he had totally abused his powers....”
  1. Further statement from Dr Schreitl demonstrating that the father fabricated the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia:
  2. Auf Frage der KV an Dr. Schreitel, wie es dazu kam, dass ich in Richtung einer Erkrankung aus dem paranoid-schizophrenen Formenkreis zu untersuchen sei, sagte Dr. Schreitl:
Die Polizisten haben mir gesagt, der Ehemann hätte ihnen das so erklärt.“
Translation: In response to the question to Dr Schreitl how it came about that I examined the mother for evidence of paranoid schizophrenia, Dr Schreitl replied:
The police told me so, the husband had claimed it.”
  1. Statement by Police Inspector Aigner:
Es hat uns wieder der Ehemann empfangen und uns mitgeteilt, dass die Frau krank ist und dass sie eingewiesen gehört.“
„…Da ist der Ehemann dann in die Küche gegangen und hat dem Rettungsdienst immer wieder das Telefon hingehalten und gemeint, sie sollten am Telefon mit jemanden sprechen, mit einem Arzt (Dr. Földes).“
Translation: The husband repeatedly insisted that his wife was mentally ill and needed to be sectioned....
then the husband went into the kitchen and kept telling the paramedics they must speak to someoone who was on the phone, to a doctor (Dr Foldes)

  1. Statement by Paramedic, Thorsten Brandstetter (paramedic):
Er (Dr. Schlesinger) sagte uns dann auch, dass er mit einem Oberarzt telefoniert hat, und dass er will, dass sie ins Krankenhaus kommt.“
Translation: He (Dr Schlesinger) also then told us that he had called a specialist and that he also wants the wife to be hospitalised.
  1. On 11.2.2010, after I called the police because of the father's violence (he again pushed me as I was holding one of the babies) the father, a trainee doctor lied to the police that he was a psychiatrist.
  2. Statement by police inspector, Ing. Franz Trittremmel
Auf Frage unter Vorhalt, dass hier dokumentiert ist, der Ehemann habe sich als Psychiater genannt:
Ich neige nicht dazu, etwas zu erfinden. Ich würde so etwas nicht an der Haaren herbeiziehen. Für mich als Einschreiter ist es ja irrelevant, ob sich der Ehemann als Psychiater, Staatsanwalt oder sonst jemand bezeichnet. Ich gehe daher davon aus, dass das, was drinnen steht, so auch gefallen ist.“
Translation: In response to the event where it is documented the father (falsely) claimed he was a psychiatrist:
I do not invent things. I wouldn't document something as false. However, for me it is irrelevant if the husband is a psychiatrist, attorney general or something else. I can only state that if I wrote it, then that is what was said at the time.”
  1. Dr Krenn reported both Dr Schlesinger and Dr Foldes to the Medical Chamber for massive abuse of their powers but as far as I know, no action was taken against them.
  2. While he may not have been struck off as a doctor, his abuse of his doctor´s credentials as well as the subversive attempts to separate the the twins from their mother should, in any event, have excluded all possibility of the father ever gaining custody of the children. Indeed, he was prevented from unsupervised access for a whole year because of his actions on this day. (It is questionable why the Supreme Court decided to overturn his supervised access without any new evidence).
  3. Not only was this episode not taken into account by Göttlicher, it was later discovered that these documents are missing from the custody file. (This will be dealt with later in the report under 'suppression of evidence')
  4. The subsequent Appeal Courts have also failed to take any account of the father´s documented abuse in this shameful episode.
  5. Although all the other witnesses clearly heard Schlesinger and Földes falsely diagnose me with paranoid schizophrenia, (as above) Földes denied diagnosing me, stating that this is a serious diagnosis that he would not label people with lightly. QUOTE
  6. Göttlicher accepts Földes false testimony, ignoring the contradictory evidence of the police witnesses who clearly heard him diagnose me with paranoid schizophrenia and in her custody decision refers only to Földes’ own account that he was only of the opinion that the history and the situation at that time was “enough to result in a psychologically stressed situation.” The appeal court similarly stated, somewhat remarkably, that “the relationship problems between the mother and the father and the events surrounding the eviction of the father are no longer decisive elements.”
  7. Göttlicher refers in her Custody decision to my claims that Schlesinger was also violent generally during throughout the marriage. However she goes on to say that “the expert [Willinger] found nothing in the whole examination that indicated that the father might be aggressive, violent or not in control of his impulses. Göttlicher did not send Willinger copies of the police documents of this episode and all mention of it is omitted in her report.
  8. In the custody decision, Göttlicher failed to mention Willinger’s hypothesis as stated by her in the 10 hour court hearing, that either the mother is not mentally ill and everything she alleged about the violence is correct, or she is mentally ill and is paranoid. My lawyer asked what we could deduce about the father if I were not mentally ill and willinger stated this would be 'manipulation' by the father:
Wenn man die Gegenhypothese annimmt, dass die Mutter nicht krank ist, dann ist das Ereignis für sich allein eine Manipulation.
If we accept the opposing hypothesis, that the mother is not mentally ill, then the father's actions can be seen as manipulation.' Transcript, court hearing Willinger, 24.7.2011
As three further psychiatric reports (including a court commissioned one) all confirmed the mother is clearly not mentally ill, according to Willinger's reasoning, the father is manipulative.
  1. That Földes abused his position by relying on Schlesinger’s account without performing his own assessment is beyond question. The only question is what was his motive in doing so. The only logical explanation is that of collusion between Schlesinger and Földes, his colleague and friend. That Schlesinger is capable of manipulating friends in this way in an attempt to have his wife sectioned should surely have been an immense concern for the judge in evaluating his suitability to be given custody over children.
Effect of violence on children
  1. The children witnessed this entire barbaric episode: a team of 5-6 armed policemen in our apartment, a team of 3-4 paramedics, a police psychiatrist, Dr Földes, a violent father insitstent on the children´s mother being taken away. The children displayed signs of trauma immediately afterwards: sleeping and eating problems, clinginess and general insecurity.
  2. The Appeal Court (par x above) stated that events between parents and children were irrelevant to a custody decision.
  3. However, when questioned in court about the effect of witnessing domestic violence on children, Expert psychologist Dr Sinko-Sanz:
Auf Frage der Vertreterin der Mutter nach der Trennung der Eltern am 16.2.2010, und dass die Kinder in dieser Situation waren, ob das auch einen Einfluss auf die Entwicklung haben kann.
Das ist etwas, das ein Punkt sein kann und sicher zu berücksichtigen ist. Es ist bekannt, dass Kinder, die eine belastende Aaussensituation erleben, sich zurückziehen.“
In response to a question from the mother´s lawyer about the separation of the parents on 16.2.2010 and that the children were in this situation, whether that may have an impact on development.
This is something that can be a point and must surely be taken into consideration. It is known that children who have experienced a stressful situation, withdraw themselves.
  1. In fact, the expert states that her initial impression of the children was that they were underdeveloped because they were traumatised. She therefore recommended calm and stability:
Es ist vorstellbar, dass ein derartiges Sozialverhalten dann entsteht, wenn es eine schwere Traumatisierung in der frühen Kindheit gegeben hat. Das war meine erste Vermutung in der ersten Vermutungsdiagnose. Ich habe daher diese Empfehlung nach Ruhe und Gleichmäassigkeit gegeben.“
"It is conceivable that such a social behavior arises when there has been severe trauma in early childhood. That was my suspicion in the first diagnosis. Therefore I recommended calm and regularity. "
  1. It is therefore very likely that the father´s own violent behavior and actions towards me and the children was the very cause of the developmental delay in the children which is the main subject of Willinger´s report. Yet Willinger failed to take this into account.
  2. Expert Witness, Dr Sinko-Sanz, Court hearing 17 June 2011:
Auf Frage der Verteterin der Mutter, dass wenn Kinder Gewalt erlebt haben, ob das auch einen Einfluss haben kann:
Prinzipiell ja.
Auf Nachfrage der Vertreterin der Mutter, dass für den Fall, dass die Mutter verbale und psychische Gewalt erlebt hat und die Kinder die miterlebt haben, ob dann die Kinder in ihrer Entwicklung beeinträachtigt sein könnten:
Grundsätzlich ja, das ist vom ausmass, dem Alter und den umgebenden Konstellation abhängig.”
In response to the question posed by the mother´s lawyer that if children have experienced violence, whether that may have an impact:
In principle, yes.
In response to the further questioning by the mother´s lawyer that in the event that the mother has experienced verbal and psychological violence and the children have witnessed it, whether that also has an influence on the child´s development:
Basically, yes, that depends on the extent, the age, and the surrounding factors.”
  1. It is totally unclear why Willinger accepted the father´s testimony over mine when it had been proven he had repeatedly lied, even to the police that he was a psychiatrist when he was in fact a trainee doctor. His false diagnosis of me was fully disproven by the police psychiatrist and later by 2 further court psychiatrists, whereas nothing I have said has been disproven.
  2. Willinger claimed everything I said about the father was untrue:
Die Kindesmutter gibt an, tief getroffen von der Tatsache zu sein, dass der Kindes vater ihr eine psychische Erkrankung zuschreibe, und zeigt u.a.während der Befunderhebung eine herabgesetzte Stressbelastung auf (unvorhergesehene) Ereignisse…Darüber hinaus lässt sich eine herabgesetzte mentale Flexibilität in Bezug auf Inhalte, die den Kindesvater betrefen.“ P.75 Willinger report
The children's mother admits to being deeply affected by the fact that the children's father ascribes mental illness to her, but shows during the diagnostic assessment a reduced stress to (unexpected) events ... In addition, she showed a reduced mental flexibility in terms of content that concerns the children's father. "


  1. Dr Schlesinger may have very well been concerned that his wife suffered from mental illness or delusions be it paranod schizophrenia or some other form of mental illness or dementia. Even if it turned out otherwise it is responsible of him to have her evaluated since he was genuinely concerned for he well being.

    1. Are you serious? If he was concerned about her he would not have lied about being a psychiatrist but would have had a real psychiatrist evaluate her.

      In fact it makes him look rather irresponsible and that he realized a real psychiatrist would not commit her so he had to use deception to punish his wife and mess up his kids

    2. Chochma Bina Daas - Seichel?March 14, 2014 at 6:59 PM

      To continue on to what DT wrote.

      If he went through the lengths of lying and deception on such a serious matter, and did not seek out a true psychiatrist, it raises very very serious concerns about his mental health. It's called projection.

      Or, Kol hposel, mimumo posel.

  2. BT - you need to take a few courses to acquire some basic knowledge about domestic violence. It is a characteristic of aggressive men that they accuse their partners of being mentally ill. And what do you mean by "have her evaluated"? He calls the POLICE to do so? Again, that's typical of a male who engages in domestic violence. Your friend Dr Schlesinger should have done some research into this before acting so rashly. This is not the behaviour of a 'concerned' husband.

  3. Can someone illuminate me, please? What role is Konstanz Thau supposed to have played in this whole ghastly story?

  4. check out the British parliment debate - a great summary - the conspiracy theory stares one in the face



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