Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Trump's wishful thinking won't stop coronavirus impact

 President Donald Trump keeps telling us not to worry, that the fast-spreading COVID-19, the coronavirus, is "going to go away," soon, probably by "April," and that a vaccine is "close." The experts, including federally-employed top scientists, say he's wrong on all these counts. (Please don't fire them!)
Why is the President lying? Take a guess. Because he thinks the virus, and fear of contagion, is bad for him. On that count, he's absolutely correct. Unfortunately, claiming that the virus is not a big problem does nothing to ease the infection rate or the economic impact that is sure to span the globe before long.

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  1. One thing for sure. The President is doing a lot to protect the country from the virus. And he's trying to minimize unwarranted fear about it.


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