Friday, June 27, 2014

Rivky Stein and Yoel Weiss: Who are the members of the Beis din of Marine Park and Mill Basin?

 An appeal to the mystery dayanim of "Beit Din Tzedek of Marine Park and Mill Basin"
Guest post by Recipients and Publicity

To Whom It May Concern in the matter of Rivky Stein and Yoel Weiss:
No one seems to be sure who you are and where you are located because of confusion about your address and the inability to contact you in any way. No one seems to know if you even exist! 
A recent post addressed serious questions to the Chabad rabbis located in Mill Basin and Georgetown, Brooklyn because as a result of discussions and research by some serious posters on this choshuve blog, it seems that you may be located at the Chabad house of Georgetown since your address matches theirs in so many ways. Since some say you do not exist, so maybe the Chabad rabbis will help to lead us to you once they can clarify what is going and if they are being falsely involved or not.
In the interim while looking at the documents you supposedly issued in the matter of the supposed get proceeding by Rivky Stein also known as Rivky Weiss, on  
the name of your bais din and its address appears as "1278 East 77nd (sic) Street, Brooklyn, NY 11234, Tel (347) 875-7874, [Email:] BDmillbasin@ gmail. com"
So what follows are questions that so many of us have:
Is that address correct or not and whose address is that exactly and why has it become so difficult to trace both you and the address of your bais din?
You sign yourselves in English on "Notice of Excommunication" as:
Rabbi Chaim Taub
Rabbi David Binyamin Abales
Rabbi Yehoshua Goodman
this is a very serious thing, to "excommunicate" another Jew so you need to provide your bona fides since this has now become a public battle by the person you ruled for as she has gone to professional PR agents and her case is now in the papers and online, did you also authorize that? If so when and why and on what bais, and can you provide the documents and Halachic basis for your actions besides the blanket decree of "excommunication"?
It has been impossible to find out who you are and where you are located (besides the problematic confusing address). What kind of rabbis are you? Meaning where did you get your chinuch and shimush? Chasidish? Litvish? Sefardish? Modern Orthodox? Israeli?
Do you have any affiliations with the Chabad rabbis in Mill Basin and Georgetown? Did you ever use the premises of the Chabad house of Georgetown or of any Chabad house there? If so, were you and all the rabbis involved approved by the main Chabad bais din in Crown Heights? If not then who do you turn to when you have your own shaylos? Have you ever convened to conduct gittin and other dinei Torah previously, if so can you cite some general examples and numbers and if not, why did you convene now? Were you paid serious fees for your services.

Mostly importantly why did you not wait for a rov or posek or bais din representing the husband to come forth with his own claims?
You all claim to be rabbis qualified to commence with get proceedings and on "Siruv Against Yoel from Beit Din" you each sign yourselves as "harav" and on top of that Rabbi David Binyamin Abales signs himself at the center as "av bais din" but since no one has ever heard of you, except Rivky Stein and her publicists (by the way, how did she find you and who referred her to you?) it is a great mystery how you arrived at your current positions.
Do you all have the required semicha (especially yadin yadin) to be known as "harav" and act as dayanim and as an "av bais din"? Who are your own rabbinic references and mentors?
All this should not be a secret now that this case is out in the open and your letters and signatures are out there for the whole world to see for themselves.

If in any way you are genuine and wish to and will clarify all the above questions and if any way it is shown that it was case of being "choshed biksherim" I offer my complete unqualified apology to you and beg your forgiveness. But please understand that because this matter has now become an international case by virtue of your client's recourse to promoting her plight very publicly, which may well be serious, this is not to question that, but you need to understand that you therefore have a great responsibility to the klal for preventing this from becoming and even bigger Chillul Hashem R'L than it has already become.
It is in your hands and the world awaits to hear from you and to know who you are and to trust what you have done. Otherwise the cloud of  doubt will just get darker and much worse for all concerned.


  1. A much more important question is why they have issued a "psak" that has no halachic basis. A B"D cannot halachicly order a husband to give a Get without ever hearing the husband at a B"D trial with both parties present. And they made allegations against him that were unproven and they never heard both sides as a real B"D is required to hear with the parties present.

  2. I'm curious how "Relations and Publicity" expects to get an answer from "to whom it may concern". Has this letter been sent anywhere other than this blog?

  3. If (again, "if") it turns out this Beth Din doesn't exist and the Psak that was posted on the website was a sham, I will find it very hard to believe that Rivki came up with this fraud on her own and put together the Psak helrself. There has to be a Toiyan or some other Professional Adviser that is helping her.

    So if the Beth Din turns out to be a fraud:

    a) the next question will be who is her Toiyan or Professional Adviser/s?

    b) it is also possible that she was told that a real Beth Din issued this Psak, but had no idea that the whole thing was a fraud.

  4. Tehila Gross SchachnowJune 27, 2014 at 9:25 PM

    Maybe she made up the doc and the Beis Din...

  5. And they wrote lots of irrelevant "factors"/accusations as well. Like where he Davens. That is completely irrelevant.

  6. What is the point of this lengthy monologue? Has it actually been sent to anyone? A simple phone call should achieve much more.

    In any case I fear this is just a distraction from the real issue here. Even if this is a fabricated beis din and pesak, she is alleging other claims which the other side have not yet addressed I.e. the rapes, beating, imprisonment etc.

  7. The other side certainly has addressed them. See the husband's response as posted on the original post on this website.

  8. It is very far from a distraction. This is a major part of acetaing the truth in this issue. One who stoops into forgery in order to foll me has lost my trustworthiness. Therefore, along with this "bet din's" credibility lays Rivkie's credibility.

  9. Actually, it's not about "where he Davens". It's about where he doesn't daven!

    I quote: "Whereas the respondent husband during the four years of marriage had not been associated with attending any shul, both during the week and/or on Shabbos and Yom Tov".

  10. Un huh. And this is considered a psak din? I cannot imagine a single dayan, dayan wannabe or even a toyan ever showing me such a "psak". They would be embarrassed.

    This is all about charachter assasination on Facebook, and tabloids.


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