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Schlesinger Twins: Beth's open letter to Michael - erev Pesach


You don't respond to my private emails so perhaps you will understand why I have resorted to contacting you in this way. We don't see see eye to eye on anything but at least on one thing we may agree: what we are all going through is horrible and humiliating. I'm sure you wish for an end to it as much as I do.

However, for us to reach any kind of resolution, I think it's time you faced reality and answer these fundamental questions. For your own sake more than anyone's, the truth, however ugly and unpalatable, needs to come out.

1) Why did you marry me? The week after we were married you repeatedly banged your head against the wall and said you had to punish yourself, that you were a bad person for marrying me. What did you mean? Were you forced into it? By whom? Why?

2) Why did you talk to 'Janet' about taking me to ESRA so deceitfully? It seems you wanted to get rid of me as soon as I had the babies. Why?

3) Why did rumours go around the community that I called the police and had you evicted? That wasn't true and the police documents prove it.

4) Why did you want to have me committed to a mental hospital when you knew there was nothing wrong with me?

5) Why are you obsessed with trying to label me mentally ill when you know it's not true? After both ESRA and the police psychiatrist confirmed there was nothing wrong with me, why the rumours around the community that I was mentally ill? This was all behind my back while I was breastfeeding our babies and recovering from a painful caesarean. Why didn't you talk directly to me if you were genuinely concerned about me?

6) Why were there vicious rumours going round the community that I neglected the children and they had to be taken away from me because I couldn't look after them properly? The Judge even wrote that you did not disagree with all the positive reports about me as a mother:
“The mother takes good care of the children both in their daily care and upbringing and concerns herself with their welfare. This is well attested in the submitted reports in the file, including the reports of the Social Services (second district) and the statements from play groups. This point (the care of the mother for her children) is also not disputed by the father.”
7) Why did you go behind my back to Rav Pardess to tell him stories about me during our marriage? What did you hope to achieve by this? Why did he never call us both together to talk or hear me alone?

8) Why do you want to deny our children their mother? You told me in the coffee shop that you would be a mother and a father to them. Don't you see that's not possible?

9) Why are Fillipino women looking after our children instead of their mother? Does this mean that you haven't had the support of your family that you expected?

10) Our little boys cannot talk. They have many problems and need their mother's love to help them grow and develop normally. Why are you denying them that chance? Is your hatred for me so great that it overrides the love for your own children?

11) Do you really want the best for Sammy and Benji? Do you want them to catch up with other children their age?

12) When will you stop denying they have severe problems and need their mother's love and care?

Our boys will be 5 years old next month. Don't you agree they have suffered enough?

As you sit at the Seder table (hopefully with Sammy and Benji) discussing the miracle of Pesach and celebrate 'freedom', perhaps you could give these questions some thought. I don't think you feel free at all. You have trapped yourself in a very tragic situation but you have the chance to release yourself if you will only concede.

The mother of your children,


Schlesinger Twins: Another au pair testifies

After the intimidation of Nora for publishing her testimony on this blog which then caused her to remove her testimony - I am publishing another au pair's testimony


I helped the Schlesinger family from August to September 2009 by assisting in childcare and housework. I also flew with the twins Samuel and Benjamin and their mother to England in November 2009 and spent a weekend at Beth Schlesinger's parents' house.

I always enjoyed coming to help the family and I got along very well with the mother of the twins. Mostly I came 2-3 times a week and stayed for about 3-4 hours when the children's father was at work. Among other support, I helped the mother to feed the children. Sometimes I gave one of the babies a bottle while Beth pumped her breastmilk off. In addition, I took care of the children, did some light housework and changed the twins’ diapers while the mother was cooking. I was never alone with the children, I only assisted the mother. I was able to observe that the young babies needed a lot of attention and often cried at the same time so that the mother could not take care of both simultaneously. We therefore took it in turns. Overall, I found the atmosphere in the home to be quiet and orderly, and experienced Beth as being like any other good, normal mother.

Sometimes I stayed overnight when the children's father was on night duty. The nights were very difficult at that time because it took a long time for the children to fall asleep and they woke up many times at night, as children often do at that age. I supported the mother during such nights. Each of us would take a child, feed it, change its diaper and calm him down. Despite her exhaustion, I had the feeling that Beth looked after the children with joy and understood their needs.  After Beth and I had fed the children breakfast, washed them, dressed them and played with them for a while, we got everything ready together to take the children out to the park. By the time the father of the children came home from his night duty, between 9 and 10 o' clock in the morning, the kids were already ready to go out. At this point I went home and Beth went with the children to the nearby Augarten park on her own so that the father could sleep.

Despite this very stressful situation I experienced the mother as attentive, calm and always polite. We always got on well together and never had any conflicts. I had very little contact with the father. I saw him rarely and only for a short time. When I came, he showed little interest and obviously wanted to be left in peace. The reason I stopped helping the family was because I had to continue my studies. 

Beth asked me a few months later, in November 2009 , to accompany her with the children when she went to visit her parents in England The father of the children brought the car seats for the kids to my friend Klaus and Klaus drove Beth, the twins and myself to the airport in Bratislava. When we had trouble folding the stroller (to put in the car), Beth called her husband to ask him for help, and I could hear that he verbally abused her. I could not understand why he was not helpful. Eventually Klaus managed to solve the problem himself.

I did not go to England as a nanny but only to support the family on the flight because Beth told me that airlines do not allow a person to fly alone with two small children. Beth's father picked us up from the airport and took us to the Alexander family’s home. I spent a few days there as a guest and was warmly welcomed by them. I took part in family life and spent a very pleasant time in their house. The family cared lovingly for me and organized and paid for a taxi for me to the airport since Beth's father was unable to take me there himself because of the Jewish Shabbat. Beth and the children stayed on longer and later flew back to Vienna with a friend. 

Ich half Familie Schlesinger im Zeitraum von August  bis September 2009 fallweise bei der Betreuung der Kinder und im Haushalt. Ich flog mit den Zwillingen Samuel und Benjamin und ihrer Mutter im November 2009 auch nach England und verbrachte ein Wochenende im Haus der Eltern von Beth Schlesinger.
Ich kam immer gerne, um der Familie zu helfen, und bin mit der Mutter der Zwillinge sehr gut ausgekommen. Meistens kam ich 2-3 Mal pro Woche und blieb für etwa 3-4 Stunden, wenn der Vater der Kinder arbeitete. Zu meinen Aufgaben zähltdie Mutter dabei zu unterstützen, die Kinder zu füttern. Manchmal gab ich auch einem der Babys die Flasche, während Beth damit beschäftigt war, die Muttermilch abzupumpen.  Außerdem beaufsichtigte ich die Kinder, während die Mutter kochte, erledigte leichte Hausarbeiten und wechselte die Windeln der Zwillinge. Ich war mit den Kindern niemals alleine, sondern habe die Mutter nur unterstützt. Dabei konnte ich beobachten, dass die noch sehr kleinen Kindern viel Aufmerksamkeit brauchten und oft zur selben Zeit weinten, sodass sich die Mutter nicht gleichzeitig um beide kümmern konnte. Wir wechselten uns deshalb darin ab. Insgesamt empfand ich die Atmosphäre in der Wohnung als ruhig und ordentlich und erlebte Beth als eine ganz normale gute Mutter.
Manchmal blieb ich auch über Nacht, wenn der Vater der Kinder Nachtdienst hatte.  Die Nächte waren zu dieser Zeit sehr schwierig, da die Kinder ein langes Einschlafritual benötigten und in der Nacht oft aufwachten, wie Kinder in diesem Alter es häufig tun. Ich unterstützte die Mutter auch in solchen Nächten,  indem sich jede von uns um jeweils ein Kind kümmerte und es fütterte, wickelte und beruhigte. Trotz ihrer Müdigkeit hatte ich das Gefühl, dass Beth sich mit Freude um die Kinder kümmerte und für ihre Bedürfnisse Verständnis hatte. Nachdem wir den Kindern ihr Frühstück gemacht, sie gewaschen,  angezogen und ein wenig mit ihnen gespielt hatten, bereiteten wir gemeinsam alles für eine Ausfahrt in den Park vor. Wenn der Vater der Kinder zwischen 9 und 10 Uhr morgens vom Nachtdienst nachhause kam, waren die Kinder bereits fertig zum Ausgehen. Ich ging zu diesem Zeitpunkt nachhause und die Kinder gingen mit ihrer Mutter alleine in den nahegelegenen Augarten, damit ihr Vater schlafen konnte.
Trotz dieser sehr belastenden Situation erlebte ich die Mutter als aufmerksam, ruhig und immer höflich. Wir kamen stets gut miteinander aus und hatten niemals Konflikte.  Mit dem Vater hatte ich sehr wenig Kontakt. Ich sah ihn selten und nur für kurze Zeit. Wenn ich kam, zeigte er wenig Interesse und wollte offenbar seine Ruhe haben. Der Grund, warum ich aufhörte, der Familie zu helfen, war, dass ich für meine Ausbildung lernen musste.
Beth bat mich einige Monate später, im November 2009, sie zu begleiten, als sie mit den Kindern ihre Eltern in England besuchen wollte. Der Vater der Kinder hatte die Autositze für die Kinder zu meinem Freund Klaus gebracht und Klaus brachte Beth, die Zwillinge und mich zum Flughafen in Bratislava. Als wir Schwierigkeiten hatten, den Kinderwagen zusammenzuklappen, rief Beth ihren Mann an, um ihn um Hilfe zu fragen, und ich konnte hören, dass er sie beschimpfte. Ich konnte nicht verstehen, warum er nicht hilfsbereit war. Schließlich gelang es Klaus, das Problem selbst zu lösen.
Ich kam nach England nicht als Kindermädchen mit, sondern nur, um die Familie auf dem Flug zu unterstützen, weil Beth mir erzählt hatte, dass es nicht möglich ist, alleine mit zwei kleinen Kindern zu fliegen. Beths Vater holte uns vom Flughafen ab und brachte uns zum Haus der Familie. Ich verbrachte dort einige Tage als Gast und wurde von der Familie sehr herzlich aufgenommen. Ich nahm am Familienleben teil und verbrachte eine sehr angenehme Zeit in ihrem Haus. Die Familie kümmerte sich liebevoll um mich und organisierte und bezahlte  zum Beispiel ein Taxi, als mich Beths Vater am jüdischen Schabbat nicht selbst zum Flughafen bringen konnte, als ich zurück nach Wien reisen wollte. Beth und die Kinder blieben länger als ich und flogen später mit einer Freundin zurück nach Wien.

Schlesinger Twins: A friend testifies about the intimidation of those who want to help Beth

This is the testimony of a woman in the Vienna community from 3 years ago. She requested that her name be removed because she is afraid - as the result of seeing that those who have attempted to help Beth have been harrassed and threatened. The original German is included.
October 11th 2011

I write as a woman, mother and friend of Ms. Beth Schlesinger, because it hurts that she is completely alone as a result of lies being spread about her. However, I post anonymously because I do not want the same thing to happen to me that happened to two other women in the Jewish community .

The two ladies were contacted by a third party on behalf of the Schlesinger family, with the request that they should stop "helping" Ms. S.

One of these women is actually friends with Ms. S. The other knows Ms. Schlesinger only as an acquaintance. This person was accused of giving Ms. Schlesinger financial support and claimed that only through this help did Ms. Schlesinger succeed in getting the court to agree to longer visits with her children at home in September 2011. A member of the Schlesinger family even (falsely) accused this lady of paying for lawyers who will ensure that "Beth gets the kids now."

The current situation that Ms. Schlesinger doesn't have her children and even the visits with her children have not taken place as specified, is in itself alone deeply sad and shocking. Adding 'salt to the wounds' is not only cruel but purely malicious.

There are rumors going around that have completely isolated Ms. Schlesinger from the Jewish community – portraying her as some kind of terrible mother or even a monster. For example, it would be dangerous to leave the children in her care, she must see the children only under constant supervision and should she be granted unsupervised access, the children would be in danger.  

Another example: she took her children to a psychiatric hospital and implored them to take the children from her because she could no longer cope with them. Even though I do not know the details of this dispute, I find it laughable to spread such stories. Ms. Schlesinger is fighting to her last breath for custody of the children, so why would she do such a thing (if these malicious rumors were true)? Unfortunately, however, most of the members of the community believe these lies and think Ms. Schlesinger is evil.

If the children's father's family really wished to "protect" the children, then such it would not be necessary to spread such malicious lies and rumors. Obviously, this is not about the welfare of the children but purely a way of punishing the mother.

October 11th 2011

Ich schreibe als Frau, Mutter und Bekannte von Frau Beth Schlesinger, weil es schmerzt daß sie durch Lügen komplett alleine dasteht. Ich schreibe jedoch Anonym da ich nicht möchte daß mit mir das gleiche passiert wie zwei andere Damen der jüdischen Gemeinde.
Die zwei Damen wurden von Familie Schlesinger über dritte kontaktiert, mit der Bitte, sie sollten aufhören Frau S. zu „helfen“.
Einer dieser Frauen ist tatsächlich mit Frau S. befreundet. Die andere Dame kennt Frau Schlesinger nur flüchtig. Diese wurde aber unterstellt sie hätte Frau Schlesinger finanziell unterstützt und nur durch ihre Hilfe schaffte Frau Schlesinger es in September 2011 im Gericht durchzusetzen die Kinder für mehrere Stunden mit nach hause nehmen zu dürfen. Sogar wurde von einem Mitglied der Schlesinger Familie erzählt, diese Dame hätte Rechtsanwälte bezahlt welche durchsetzten daß „Beth die Kinder jetzt bekommt.“
Die Situation daß Frau Schlesinger ihre Kinder nicht bei sich hat und sogar die Besuchtermine  nicht wie festgelegt stattgefunden haben, ist in sich alleine bereits zutiefst traurig und erschütternd, daß dazu noch „Salz auf den Wunden“ gegossen wird, finde ich nicht nur grausam sondern rein bösartig.
Es kursieren Gerüchte herum welche Frau Schlesinger von der jüdischen Gemeinde komplett isolieren – man könnte meinen man hätte es hier mit einer regelrechten Rabenmutter oder sogar Monster zu tun. Es wäre gefährlich die Kinder in ihrer Obhut zu lassen, sie dürfe nur unter ständiger Aufsicht die Kinder sehen. Sollte sie unbeaufsichtigtes Besuchrecht bekommen wäre es für die Kinder eine richtige Gefahr.
Sie habe zum Beispiel ihre Kinder in einer Psychiatrie gebracht und dort das Personal angefleht man soll ihr die Kinder abnehmen, sie könne nicht mehr mit denen umgehen. Auch wenn ich nicht die Einzelheiten dieses Disputs kenne, fände ich es lachhaft so eine Geschichte herum zu erzählen. Frau Schlesinger kämpft ja bis zum letzen Atem um das sorgerecht der Kinder, warum würde sie so etwas tun?  Leider glauben es aber die meisten Mitglieder der Gemeinde und machen Frau Schlesinger somit zur Bösen.
Würde es der Familie des Kindesvaters nur darum gehen die Kinder zu „beschützen“ dann würden solche Gerüchten und Lügen nicht notwendig sein. Anscheinend geht es hier jedoch nicht um das Wohl der Kinder sondern um einen Rachezug.

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EXTORTION!!! - Schlesinger Twins: An inside view - Testimony of the twin's Georgian au pair

This statement is from the Georgian woman that worked for Beth. She submitted this statement to court and she was named as a witness but the judge ignored the application to hear her.


The letter that I posted here this morning from the au pair has been removed at her request after she and her husband have been threatened repeatedly with harasssing phone after I made this post - by people she was too afraid to mention. 

Among the threats was the loss of her job if this post was not immediately retracted.

What "nice" people live in Vienna!

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Schlesinger Twins: Why was Dr. Schlesinger unhappy with the report of the ESRA psychiatrist that Beth was tricked into seeing?

Update: Added comment on the translation of Dr. Schlesinger's lawyer's false assertion regarding the ESRA diagnosis at the bottom of the post] As repeatedly noted, Dr. Schlesinger is obsessed with the idea that Beth is suffering from major mental illness. He failed in his attempt to have his wife committed because he was sure that she was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. The police psychiatrist rejected this possibility. He involvement into tricking Beth to go to ESRA for a diagnosis of at least post-partum depression also failed.

Below is the actual report of the Esra psychiatrist in the original German and in English translation. Also I included Dr. Schlesinger's pointed rejection of this diagnosis in response to Beth's appeal to regain custody that she lost to him. Dr. Schlesinger is convinced that the psychiatrists are wrong and only he understands that Beth is clearly paranoid, schizophrenic and suffering from postpartum depression. I find it strange that no one has picked up on this obsession to have Beth committed as well as to control her in an abusive fashion. That alone should have been enough to return custody to Beth.


Centre for psychosocial, sociotherapeutic and sociocultural integration

  Clinic for delayed reactions and illness resulting from a Holocaust or migration syndrome

Vienna, 3 March 2010


Re:  Ms. Beth Schlesinger, DOB: 22.8.1984

Taborstr. 38/2, 1020 Vienna

Dear colleague,

Ms Beth Schlesinger came to our clinic on 10 November 2009 because of a sleep deficit over a period of months caused by a very troublesome care situation with 6-month-old twins. 

The patient stated the following:

She was born and grew up in Manchester, England, has two brothers, married a Viennese and has been living in Vienna for three years. She has worked as a TESOL teacher (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) and at a migrant organization. 

Ms. Schlesinger has two sons, twins aged six months. Her husband is a house officer (intern) at the Wilhelminenspital (KAV, 1160 Wien) in Vienna. The pregnancy was normal, a Caesarean section at the Vienna AKH (General Hospital) in the 35th week. The children are healthy but could only be breastfed for 4.5 months, as they had become used to a bottle by that point.

Neither parent was able to sleep much at night – at the most two hours – as one of the children would then wake up, leading to extreme stress. The parents tried to react quickly when this happened so that the other child did not wake up too. The patient is exhausted although she has a daytime household help. The situation is too much for her and she is unable to sleep during the day as well.

Ms. Schlesinger’s family lives in England, her husband’s family in Vienna. The latter, however, do not help her. On the contrary, her mother-in-law phones her again and again, wanting to know everything but offering no assistance whatsoever. She also has a sister-in-law (the boys’ aunt) in Vienna but neither her mother-in-law nor her sister-in-law does anything to help her.

Psychopathological status: clear-thinking, fully oriented, no hints of positive symptoms of schizophrenia, labile mood, emotions predominantly negative, makes exhausted impression, under considerable stress, normal cognitive powers except for disturbance of attention resulting from exhaustion, enormously stressful situation due to sleep-deprivation and disruption of her biorhythm. 

The patient was offered parent counseling for the stressful situation she was in. Other strategies were discussed.  Zoldem® (zolpidem) when required was prescribed for sleeping problems.

Diagnosis: adjustment disorder F 43.20 (brief depressive reaction due to the stress associated with situation at home)

Signed:  Dr. David Vyssoki, Medical Director               Dr. Waltraud Fellinger-Vols, Psychiatrist

Added by translator: ICD-10

F43 Reaction to severe stress, and adjustment disorders

F43.0 Acute stress reaction

F43.1 Post-traumatic stress disorder

F43.2 Adjustment disorders

.20 Brief depressive reaction

.21 Prolonged depressive reaction

.22 Mixed anxiety and depressive reaction

.23 With predominant disturbance of other emotions

.24 With predominant disturbance of conduct

.25 With mixed disturbance of emotions and conduct

.28 With other specified predominant symptoms

F43.8 Other reactions to severe stress

F43.9 Reaction to severe stress, unspecified

Original German report of the findings of the psychiatrist and the diagnosis that she is simply suffering from the stress of lack of sleep.

Psychopathologischer Status: klar, allseits orientiert, geordnet, kein Hinweis auf produktive Symptomatik, Stimmungslage eher labil, mehr im negativen Bereich affizierbar, wirkt erschöpft, belastet, kognitive Leistungen bis auf erschöpfungsbedingte Konzentrationsstörung unauffällig, massive Belastungssituation durch Schlafdefizit mit Biorhythmusstörung.

Angesichts der belasteten Situation wurde der Patientin eine Elternberatung angeboten, weiters wurden Strategien besprochen. Eine Einschlafhilfe durch Zoldem 10 mg Tabletten bei Bedarf wurde verordnet.

Es wurde die Diagnose einer Anpassungsstörung F 43.20 gestellt, im Sinne einer leichten depressiven Reaktion im Rahmen der Belastungssituation.

Für Rückfragen stehen wir gerne zur Verfügung


[Notice that he not only disagrees with the psychiatrists reporting that they failed to find post partum depression but he wants to include in the report that she has "a paranoid personality structure". Finally he distorts the ESRA report - which while noting that Beth was in a situation of acute stress from sleep deprivation dealing with the twins - does not say that they recommend "urgent therapeutic help".]

update In the excerpt below the German says ... Also the children father rejects the ESRA diagnosis which asserted that Beth does not have post partum depression. @Flower raised the question who else disagreed with the report. The translator said that the reason that she omitted the previous sentence is because it make a false assertion. It says that not only does Beth reject the ESRA report which says she doesn't have postpartum depression but also Michael rejects it.

In other words Dr. Schlesinger's lawyer is falsely asserting in the appeals document that Beth says the ESRA psychiatrist was wrong and that she in fact does have post partum depression and that also Michael agrees with that.

The father disagrees with the negative statement (regarding post partum depression) and wishes it to be changed to an alternative or additional one about her paranoid personality structure, the way she manipulates her environment, and that the ESRA (Vienna Jewish community psychosocial centre) therapist, who the mother and a girlfriend ["Janet"] went to see, stated that she was subject to a situation of acute stress and recommended that she get urgent therapeutic help”

„….Auch der Kindesvater bekämpft diese Negativfeststellung und begehrt an deren Stelle die Ersatz- bzw die ergänzende Feststellung zur paranoiden Persönlichkeitsstruktur, zu deren ihre Umwelt manipulierenden Verhalten sowie dazu, dass jene Therapeutin der ESRA (dem psychosozialen Zentrum der IKG), die die Kindesmutter gemeinsam mit einer Freundin aufgesucht hatte, bei ihr eine akute Belastungssituation konstatiert und ihr dringend therapeutische Hilfe anempfohlen hat „